Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What I think about gossip

Yesterday in bible study we were studing about Paul's thorn in 2 Corinthians and my eyes strayed a little to the right of the page and down at the bottom of my study bible these two words jumped out at me; SLANDER, GOSSIP. This is what the study section of my bible reads: The Bible condemns sins of speech that harm other people as grave offenses against the Christian law of love. Any kind of disparaging speech that defames the character of another person must be resisted. The discussion or exposing of another's misdeeds should be done only with a sincere motive to help that person or to protect others and God's kingdom.

I don't think I've ever had a problem with slander, but what about gossip? I didn't think I even had a problem with that, I don't have anyone to share gossip with. But hey, what about just listening or reading gossip?? I'll admit I'm addicted to celebrity gossip. I check each day to see what the latest celebrity news is. Really what is the harm in that? I'm not sharing it or hurting anyone.

Well I'm starting to see what the opposite of gossip is and suddenly gossip is looking very shallow and self-serving. And pretty much just a big waste of time.

The words Christian law of love really rings in my ears. We are commanded to love one another, how are we to love one another?? I think with care and concern, empathy and encouragement, joy and celebration.

Gossip is the opposite of all those things, it serves the gossiper! It's self-serving!!!! Think about it, doesn't a juicy piece of gossip feel good to that old sinful nature? And why?? Because it makes us feel better about ourselves, glad we don't have that problem. It makes us feel better about our own sin. Or it's just a secret little pleasure that we keep to ourselves.

My heartfelt prayer; Oh God I pray you forgive me. I didn't think a little gossip was harmful, but now you have shown me the truth! It wastes my time. My time here on this earth is so very short and I want to fill every second of my day pleasing you! I even want to worship you in my sleep like I have before! I want to love others, to truly love others. I want to feel their burden, I want to feel their pain, their suffering so when I fall on my face before you in prayer I can allow the Holy Spirit to speak and intercede on their behalf. Oh Lord I touch my mouth right now and I ask that you clean it, make my mouth pure and holy. I ask that you seal my mouth from all gossip so that only prayer and praise come out!!!!! I claim it, I believe it and I praise you for it!!! All for you glory!!

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