Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday went great!

Sunday went better than I ever thought it would!

I wasn't very nervous, my voice didn't quake and I didn't hyperventilate. Although my hands did shake a little.

After the announcement and skit I taught Sunday School to the preschoolers. We had 10 little ones and I had my hands full. We've about doubled and need to make some changes to adjust.

We've come to point were we need another volunteer. It's hard doing crafts with 10 preschoolers who all need help, right at the EXACT same time!

My heartfelt prayer: Dear Jesus, I praise you that our preschool class has grown! What a wonderful blessing to teach these kids about you. We've grown so much that we need more help. I pray that you will speak into the heart of someone, whether it's someone already in the church or someone new. You know our hearts and needs and I put this into your trust. Love, Jennifer

Friday, March 20, 2009


All the results from Javier's test are back...

Everything appears fine!

He still has some tests left to do on his heart, but he's feeling better and back to work.

Perhaps those tests will give us some answers or... maybe it's just one of those things that happen?

He is back to biking, I'm a little nervous about that but it's a big part of his life and the doctor didn't say to stop. He has a big race next Sunday. Please keep him in your prayers.

I've been busy working on VBS, reading the director's manual and seeing what all needs to be done. This Sunday I'm making an announcement and doing a skit in the main service to promote a VBS volunteer meeting coming up. I pray I don't pass out! I get VERY nervous in front of people.

My heartfelt prayer: Dear Jesus, I can't help but laugh that I find myself giving an announcement this Sunday. You do know I get super nervous and start talking funny in front of a crowd, right? I can't promise to sound like a pro, but what I do promise is that I'm going to rely completely on you. I'm going to do my best and not worry about the rest. I trust you to be right by my side. I believe it's not just me giving that announcement but us together! If I completely fail and even fall on my face, it won't be a failure to me, because I'm drawing closer to You. Needing You, wanting You, expecting You and counting on You and You alone! I love you Jesus! With smiles, Jennifer

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Little Scare

Friday started as a typical Friday evening for us. We got our favorite pizza and picked up movies for my favorite thing, a fun family night at home. The kids and I were sitting on the couch watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Javier was sitting nearby at the dinning table on the laptop.

I heard a commotion across the room and looked over and noticed, no Javier. That's odd, I thought. When I finally pried the kids off my lap and got up I saw Javier passed out cold on the hard tile floor with blood coming out his head.

I bent over and noticed a cut on his forehead and a broken front tooth. He started moaning and coming too. Amazingly I stayed calm and got rags for the blood and ice for his head. I grabbed the cell phone, preparing to call... who? 911? Nope that doesn't work well here. I called his mother and thoroughly freaked her out but she called an ambulance and rushed out the door to come help.

I kept thinking Javier would get up and say "I'm ok, what's the big fuss?" But instead he couldn't get up and couldn't talk and didn't know what was going on. He started sweating and shaking and got cold.

The kids were hovering around asking ONE MILLION questions, poor little things. It was a shock to all of us to see this big strong man of ours so helpless. I put the kids to work, gotta keep little minds busy to stay out of trouble. They hurried back and forth on their mission of getting blankets and pillows for daddy. Claudia sat behind his head blowing kisses to her daddy.

Finally the ambulance arrived and by then he was talking but couldn't get up. Off they went to the ER. I got the kids settled with brother and sister in law and headed into the ER.

They did a bunch of tests, a CT scan and in the end said everything came back fine. He had a massive headache and a broken front tooth but no stitches. They don't know why he passed out and recommend follow up testing soon.


Update: Javier woke Saturday morning with a bad pain in his neck and still felt dizzy so off to another ER. They redid the CT scan, this time including his neck and still didn't see anything. They think it has to do with the nerves in his back and referred him to a neurologist.

I'm so grateful everything has come back negative so far, I was really nervous yesterday evening waiting for those CT results. It felt like I was reliving some of what we went through with my mom.

Please keep him in your prayers that the neurologist can find out exactly what's wrong and he can get some relief from this pain and dizziness.

Monday, March 02, 2009

God are you calling me into...


I've felt for a few years a tug on my heart. It's as if God is whispering into my heart that He has a plan for me.

I keep trying to ignore that voice. I keep pushing against that tug. My resistance is making me miserable because I know He has a plan but it just doesn't make sense to me!

I keep thinking "God, now how can you be calling me into ministry? How can I do that? How could that possibly work out? What would Javier think? Why on earth would You want me?"

Then I get a call.

The chairman of the Christian Education committee has asked me to direct Vacation Bible School this summer. You see, the Christian Education Director at our church just recently resigned to start a church on the other side of the island. And there is a need...

I responded I would love to, but I needed to pray about it. After all I am looking for job, what if I'm working and can't do it?

So I prayed and then talked to Javier about it. I poured out my heart and shared with him the desires I believe God has given me. The desire to do something in ministry. I also shared my fears with him, the ones I mentioned above. All the sudden it became crystal clear to me, I know exactly what God is calling me to do. I've just been too afraid to trust, to hope, to believe, to dream.

A fire started burning in my heart and a thrilling passion took over my soul. A peace like I haven't felt since I got saved came over my heart and I finally submitted and admitted my call. It's like a missing piece of the puzzle came flying into my heart and I feel so complete and confident.

And guess what? Javier gave me his full blessing! We've decided together that I'm going to accept the challenge of directing VBS this summer and use it as a platform into ministry. I'm praying for God to use this to raise up a leader in me and see where He takes it from there.

It's putting faith into action and once again Javier is practicing faith without even being a believer! We are believing that God will work out the finance part of the situation.

I still don't understand why God wants to use me, I don't feel like I'm a leader. But I'm focusing my heart on what I do know, that everyday I'm going to turn to Him and ask "Jesus, what are we going to do today? How are you going to use me, to equip me to fulfill the plan You have for me?"

Oh it's going to be exciting!

My heartfelt prayer: Dear Jesus, Oh boy, do I need you more now than I ever have. You've NEVER left me before and so I have confidence you will stick by me now! My confidence is in You and I ask for Your help, Your power to go forth and fulfill my destiny. Love, Jennifer