Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Little Scare

Friday started as a typical Friday evening for us. We got our favorite pizza and picked up movies for my favorite thing, a fun family night at home. The kids and I were sitting on the couch watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Javier was sitting nearby at the dinning table on the laptop.

I heard a commotion across the room and looked over and noticed, no Javier. That's odd, I thought. When I finally pried the kids off my lap and got up I saw Javier passed out cold on the hard tile floor with blood coming out his head.

I bent over and noticed a cut on his forehead and a broken front tooth. He started moaning and coming too. Amazingly I stayed calm and got rags for the blood and ice for his head. I grabbed the cell phone, preparing to call... who? 911? Nope that doesn't work well here. I called his mother and thoroughly freaked her out but she called an ambulance and rushed out the door to come help.

I kept thinking Javier would get up and say "I'm ok, what's the big fuss?" But instead he couldn't get up and couldn't talk and didn't know what was going on. He started sweating and shaking and got cold.

The kids were hovering around asking ONE MILLION questions, poor little things. It was a shock to all of us to see this big strong man of ours so helpless. I put the kids to work, gotta keep little minds busy to stay out of trouble. They hurried back and forth on their mission of getting blankets and pillows for daddy. Claudia sat behind his head blowing kisses to her daddy.

Finally the ambulance arrived and by then he was talking but couldn't get up. Off they went to the ER. I got the kids settled with brother and sister in law and headed into the ER.

They did a bunch of tests, a CT scan and in the end said everything came back fine. He had a massive headache and a broken front tooth but no stitches. They don't know why he passed out and recommend follow up testing soon.


Update: Javier woke Saturday morning with a bad pain in his neck and still felt dizzy so off to another ER. They redid the CT scan, this time including his neck and still didn't see anything. They think it has to do with the nerves in his back and referred him to a neurologist.

I'm so grateful everything has come back negative so far, I was really nervous yesterday evening waiting for those CT results. It felt like I was reliving some of what we went through with my mom.

Please keep him in your prayers that the neurologist can find out exactly what's wrong and he can get some relief from this pain and dizziness.


Aunt Becky said...

Dear Jennifer,
I just read your blog - and then prayed for Javier. I am real concerned and will continue to keep him in my prayers. God cares, and He is able to fix whatever is wrong. Keep your chin up; you are very strong and have the Lord to sustain you. Know that I'm praying for you, too.
Aunt Becky

THOMBU1 said...

Jennifer, I am praying for Javier and his rapid recovery. I used to hear people say things like there isn't any use to pray for unbelievers and the like, but I have found that was a lie. I believe Jvier is a child of our Heavenly Father and is loved of Him. My Dad was a missionary to India, and found that the geartest miracles he ever observed were ecieced by Hindus. He saw every king of miraculous things happening to Hindus who had never hewardthe name of Christ till that moment when He preached salvation to them. Javire better get ready to experience the touch of the Master.
By the way, thanksfor the comments on myy blog. Yes I took all the pictures o the page. I just take them as a hobby, just how I can show the Masters Handiwork. Hope you ae blessed.
is the link to m photo albums.

B. J. Brooks said...

Jennifer, I'm so sorry to hear of your experience. Glad you remained calm and handled things so quickly.

Praying that all will turn out well with Javier, and the doctors act quickly. I do so hate to wait on a diagnosis.

It's been a beautiful weekend in Jacksonville, with lots of Sun Shine. Hope the weather will stay nice for your visit.

B.J. Brooks

Seedplanter said...

Jennifer, how scary that must have been for you. I'm joining you in praying for wisdom for the doctors, as they find out why he passed out.
God also impressed on me that He is at work in this situation, working to draw Javier closer to that day when he will open his heart fully to Jesus. God uses every situation--in His economy, nothing is wasted!

Take care, and I'll look for an update soon. Love, Bonnie

Anonymous said...


Just to let you know that we are praying for Javier not only at chruch but in our personal devotions. God is going to do something great! Believe it! He is in charge and we just have to trust Him.

Isabel and Carlos Santiago

Cinj said...

I can imagine how scared you must have been, I know I would be. Be strong, keep praying, and know that God will see you through this storm. There's got to be a reason and a way to improve things. God will help the doctors find it.

Milton Dykes said...

Jennifer: God has everything under control. It is going to be OK. Remember, He is Lord. He is your Lord and He is faithful.

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

This may sound crazy, but maybe he was slain in the spirit. You know how the tingling stays with you for days. He would not know what happened to him, but maybe this is God trying to open his heart/spirit.
I'll pray that is the only thing it is and that the Doctors find nothing wrong.