Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday went great!

Sunday went better than I ever thought it would!

I wasn't very nervous, my voice didn't quake and I didn't hyperventilate. Although my hands did shake a little.

After the announcement and skit I taught Sunday School to the preschoolers. We had 10 little ones and I had my hands full. We've about doubled and need to make some changes to adjust.

We've come to point were we need another volunteer. It's hard doing crafts with 10 preschoolers who all need help, right at the EXACT same time!

My heartfelt prayer: Dear Jesus, I praise you that our preschool class has grown! What a wonderful blessing to teach these kids about you. We've grown so much that we need more help. I pray that you will speak into the heart of someone, whether it's someone already in the church or someone new. You know our hearts and needs and I put this into your trust. Love, Jennifer


THOMBU1 said...

Jennifer, isn't it wonderful how Gods' peace comes on you when you are doing His work? I knew you would do well, because the Lord has put this in you heart to do. I was President and Vice President two times in our Local Camp of The Gideons International. During this time as you can imagine I had to bring presentations, introduce speakers, and call on Pastors for Church services, and had to read many reports to the group. I am a stutterer, and when I am nervous it is much worse. I was always amazed that when I was leading the meetings or doing some other function in the Misnistry I hardly stuttered at all, but when I got in the car after the meetings and tried to talk to my wife, I could hardly get out a sntence without stuttering. Isn't God good.

THOMBU1 said...

Congratulations, I know Dad is happy, with Wanda. May God bless their time together. Take care.