Monday, September 22, 2008

An Atheist Reaps God's Blessing!

I'm shouting to my roof tops, can you hear me?

The heavens are rejoicing that our God is faithful and true!

Do you remember back in February when I prayed asking God to bless me so I could have money to give to my church? Do you remember how God answered that prayer and my husband made some money in a trade and in turn wrote out a check to my church? Checkout this link and read the bottom post titled: An Atheist Puts Faith Into Action:

In February I told my husband God loved him and wanted to bless him and this was only the beginning! I told my husband to just wait and see what God was going to do for him!

My heart is bursting from joy at seeing this prayer answered!

God has caused a turn of events at my husband's job and the blessings are pouring down on my husband. While I'm so thankful this is providing our family the opportunity to move into a house with a pool, it's not even this extra blessing that is making me sing!

It is seeing my husband's faith work out! It is in knowing God wants my husband, is calling to him, is loving on him! WOW! What an AWESOME GOD who loves us SO much!

Before my mom died, I asked her that when she got to heaven to please ask God to have unusual mercy on my husband.

I know she did and I know God is showing my husband His wonderful love and mercy!

Now my desire is to give again! Let's see what my husband says about that! Will he close his fist or will he open it once again! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A day of tears

Yesterday my mother-in-law kept Lorenzo, my 2 year old for the morning.

Claudia was in school.

Mommy was at home falling apart.

I rarely have time for tears. I'm busy being the mommy to two small children.

But yesterday I just sat and wept and relived the summer.


I miss my mom so much...

Last night after Claudia's bath, with dripping wet hair, she started sobbing. Break your heart sobs.

With alarm I asked her what was wrong, between big gulps she squeaked out, "I want my nana."

I gathered her in my arms to comfort us both and asked her why she wanted nana.

"I want nana to color with me and paint with me."

A sadness seeped deep in my heart, a knowledge that nana will never again paint or color with Claudia. Something so simple, yet so important.

I tried my best to comfort her and promised I would paint with her today.

Today I have a date with Claudia to paint.