Monday, September 22, 2008

An Atheist Reaps God's Blessing!

I'm shouting to my roof tops, can you hear me?

The heavens are rejoicing that our God is faithful and true!

Do you remember back in February when I prayed asking God to bless me so I could have money to give to my church? Do you remember how God answered that prayer and my husband made some money in a trade and in turn wrote out a check to my church? Checkout this link and read the bottom post titled: An Atheist Puts Faith Into Action:

In February I told my husband God loved him and wanted to bless him and this was only the beginning! I told my husband to just wait and see what God was going to do for him!

My heart is bursting from joy at seeing this prayer answered!

God has caused a turn of events at my husband's job and the blessings are pouring down on my husband. While I'm so thankful this is providing our family the opportunity to move into a house with a pool, it's not even this extra blessing that is making me sing!

It is seeing my husband's faith work out! It is in knowing God wants my husband, is calling to him, is loving on him! WOW! What an AWESOME GOD who loves us SO much!

Before my mom died, I asked her that when she got to heaven to please ask God to have unusual mercy on my husband.

I know she did and I know God is showing my husband His wonderful love and mercy!

Now my desire is to give again! Let's see what my husband says about that! Will he close his fist or will he open it once again! Stay tuned!


B. J. Brooks said...

Awesome Jennifer. God is So Good. I shout and scream with you!! No body blesses like our Father....

Praise the Lord again and again.

Many more Blessings is my prayer for you both.

Many Blessings
B.J. Brooks

Shana said...

1) that is so wonderful! Lord, please continue to show your love and grace to her husband.

2) i recommend spending some of that money to get a pool cover to protect your sweet kiddo's. :)

3) God is so good. :)

Karen Eve said...

I'm so excited for you. I know that before long your husband is going to say "I do" to Jesus. Just keep on loving him where he's at. I'm continuing to pray for your family as you go through this time.

Kate said...

I think it is so special you and your mom got to plan for the future together, even in the midst of her transition to Heaven.

It's those things that we can hang on to until it is our time to see Him face to face.

Kate said...
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Anonymous said...

I haven't read your blog lately!
But today...what a blessing!
Thankful the Lord is touching your husband. It is an answer to your prayers and to your devotion to the Lord as you love him into the kingdom of our Lord, Jesus!

You stated... "there's a spiritual battle for my husband's soul"
I remembered that! ...then re-read it on your blog statement...
About Me. said...
"...he's being blinded by the deceiver...Stay tuned to see how God's love will win an atheist over!" WELL...Jennifer... you are on the right track! He is being Won Over...No Doubt about it!
God is getting his attention...
God never does it the way we think He will do it...right? That's why I love the Lord...and I know you do also.

Praying for you, your family, and your Dad, Milton. Asking the Lord to comfort you all 'each day'... in a very special way. He is faithful! Keep being strong! You are allowing your Mother's spirit to rise up within you; Kristy is proud of you...I am assured.
Of course...Milton is very proud of you, too! It shows in his girls keep him going strong...and especially the grands!

Love and Prayers...
West Columbia, South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
Just checking in on you finally.
I hope you are feeling okay and although I KNOW you miss your mom terribly, I hope you know she is smiling down over you.

God Bless.