Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cutting the cord

Sunday my pastor used an illistration in his sermon, once he was in a hot air ballon and the pilot let him try lift off.

He pulled the cord...

Nothing happened.

Pulled it again...

Still no lift off.

With laughter the pilot informed him he forgot to release the cord holding them down.

The great question was, "What is holding you down?"

"What's keeping you tied down in your walk with the Lord?"

Is it your job? Your husband? Your wife? Your kids?

What's keeping you from soaring?

I heard the pastor say, "Some of you are wonderful Christian's. You know Jesus. He's your Savior, your friend and He means a lot to you. But some of you will never reach all that He has for you, because you are tied down."

I had one of those unique moments when every sense sharpens, everything unimportant dims and you know, you just KNOW the Lord is speaking to you. Your heart races, your breath quickens, you strain to "catch it." You know it's a life defining moment you really don't want to miss.

For weeks my heart has been searching, wondering... why am I tied down?

In my corner of the World it's very dark. Most times the light in me, trying so desperately to get out is the ONLY light.

My life is THE mission field.

Daily I walk alone with my Savior.

I have no partner to pray with, no friend to hold hands and pray with.

It's just Jesus and Jennifer.

At times it's fear holding me down. Fear is binding and crippling.

Sometimes it's approval seeking that ties me down.

My mom often told me how God has put me in a unique situation to be a witness, a light to a lost and dark world.

With tears rolling down my face I prayed for helping cutting that cord.

I prayed for unique God given opportunities to speak the truth to a dark and lost world.

A world that is desperately and tightly holding it's hands over stubborn deaf ears.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing again and sharing what God is doing in your life.

milton dykes said...

Jennifer: You are not alone. I am walking close by you. One day, and I believe soon, you will have a husband who will walk with you and lead you into God's full plan and will for your lives. Be bold, be strong, for the Lord is with you.

Love, Dad

Karen Eve said...

I know it's hard walking without your mom there, but you will do it. As for your husband, I'm sure you're doing what most wives/husbands with unbelieving spouses do - they get support from their church and friends and press forward. I know that's what my daughter has done, and her husband came to the Lord a few years ago. It's also happened with many of my friends. The good thing is that your husband has not forbidden you to participate in church, etc. I've seen that too.
You are doing absolutely great and thank you for posting that today. I needed to hear it too and apply it to my own situation.
Reaching out over the miles to hold your hand.
Karen Wevick

Anonymous said...

Your mom was right god has put you in a unique situation....press on and believe for your husband it will happen. You will probably have to walk tough situations with him...but god will guide you through it and you will see your husband saved. God is faithful and he hears us so please do not give up...you are doing all you can and when you dont hear or see things moving the way you want just stand and wait on God. When God says go or do something then do it, when he says not to then dont and when you hear nothing wait on Him....I waited 15 years to see my husband saved....but once he was it has been a process and God is doing incredable things...So you can do it....We are standing with you.

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

"I prayed for unique God given opportunities to speak the truth to a dark and lost world."

That is a dangerous prayer! One I am certain God will answer with power.

I look forward to watching God work in and through your life in your dark corner of the world. And in and through my life in my dark corner of the world.

THOMBU1 said...

Jennifer, Forgive me if I have already sent this to you. I wrote it in honor of your Mom. She was such a blessing to us all. Pastor Terry and Sandra loved her greatly, and she visited our church many times at Trinity, as well as former churches we attended in the past where Terry was our pastor. She was a gift to the body of Christ and our friend.

Please accept this in the Spirit that it was given, in Christ.

Fly Away

Behold her in all her glory

Perched before beauty so complete

She spreads her wings to complete her story

And flies away with grace so sweet

We beheld her glory while she was here

She flew so high toward her Lord in the sky

He reached down and she felt no fear

He cupped His hands and drew her near

Kept in His hands so safe and secure

She bids us all come and follow her there

Where His promises remain sure

All waiting for us there in the air

Fly away! Words we never wanted to speak

Fly away!

The words make us feel like separation has come

Yet in His dear Spirit she rests there, with the Angels above

Calling out for all His dear Bride to come home.

May we all fly away, into His arms

There he will keep us from all harm

When His dear arms reach down to receive us in our flight

Until then may we continue to serve Him with all our might

tom bush

Kate said...

Dear Jennifer,

So glad you are writing again. Please, don't be a stranger!



Barbara J. Robinson said...

A great analogy, and I hope you cut those cords and fly! Soar like an eagle!
Sister in Christ