Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I keep coming back to His love

I've decided I'm going to just make myself comfy and sit at the foot of the cross. Is that ok? To make that my dwelling place? I've decided that I just need a bath every morning in God's grace and Christ's blood.

I'm amazed at how much I need Christ every second of my day. Living in this world makes me so weary, there are so many distractions away from Christ. I find it a struggle sometimes to juggle the two worlds at once and I'm seeing how easy it is to quickly lose sight of His face for the distractions.

Why is it so hard to just remain in Christ, to be held gently by Him? In John 15:1 Jesus says "I am the true vine....., remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me."

I want God to set my soul on fire, I pray for a Holy fire to be lit in me and I want the Lord to burn out everything that is useless to the kingdom. I want Him to empty me out, I want to step out into the light and I want Him to expose the deepest parts of my heart. I don't want to hide in the dark anymore, I'm done with the night!!!!! I want His holy hand to reach into my heart and sort me, I want Him to expose the junk and clutter. I want to be emptied out so completely that I'm bare. And then when I'm completely stripped I want Him to fill me!!!!!!!!!! I want to be overflowing with His love. Is there anything greater than His love?

Can I just stay stuck on His love? Can I forget about everything else and just remember that one thing? It's all about Him and we are living a love story!! I am God's beloved!!! Romans 1:7

Have you found the love story in Christ? Are you living Christ's love story???? Our mission on this earth is to share this grand love story.

I am convinced I need to come back to this thrilling revelation every day. There is no need to complicate it! His love is like a warm wave, it floods me over and over. It pulses warmly and touches every corner of my soul.

My heartfelt prayer; Oh Lord, help me to never forget your love. All I need to do is sit at the foot of the cross and let you wash me! Your love is so overwhelming! I was made for this love! Oh God thank you for your mercy, thank you for creating me so I can worship you! I find perfect contentment in you!!!!! Thank you Lord for reminding me of your love, now give me a chance to go and shine brightly for you!

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Frankie said...

You have discovered a secret that so many others seem to overlook. Many people out there feel unloved everyday, yet Christ loves us like no other. The overwhelming feeling you get by being close to Christ increases happiness beyond belief. In a time when depression is so prevalent God's love is the cure that to few are taking.