Sunday, May 21, 2006

That's some powerful stuff!!!!

Wow. Wow oh wow!!! That's some powerful stuff!!! I'm taping into God's love and all I can say is wow!!!! I'm convinced that God's love is the cure and the answer for all our pain, all our problems!!! His love is awesome!! It's never ending!!! It's thrilling!! It's exciting!!! IT'S WONDERFUL!!!

Want to tap into some powerful stuff?? Want some revival to sweep your soul?? Wanna get caught up in some joy that will bend your mind??? Wanna get high on God???

I'll tell you the secret, I've found the secret to tapping into God's goodness!! Wanna know??? It's Jesus!!!! He is the way!!! He is the way to the father!!!!

Wow!!! Wanna experience some supernatural power? Wanna get filled with the Holy Ghost? I'll tell you the key, I'll point you to the way!!!! It's Jesus!!!!

Don't seek the experience, seek the savior!!! That's it!! That's the secret!! It's all about Him! JESUS!!!

It's all about going back to Jesus and focusing on Him!! Jesus is my sweet, sweet savior. His name is so wonderful, so sweet that I sometimes get stuck on His name and it's all I need to hear. It's all I need to say. Jesus!! One word, Jesus!!!!

Tap into God's love, get a taste of that love and I'm telling you there's no going back. There's nothing better than the perfect love of God the father. His love is like a drug, it's thrilling. It's what I was created for. It's healing, His love is warm and it fills me up and makes me full!! Once you get full on God's love you don't want anything else!!!!

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Frankie said...

"Don't seek the experience, seek the savior!!!"
I may have never heard a truer word. We seem to spend a lot of time seeking things we want or fixes for problems, but the key is seeking the savior. I might use that line in my next sermon, I'll credit you though.