Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Are you getting the good stuff?

I'm tapping into some good stuff!!! God has some wonderful blessings He is just waiting to shower out on us. He's standing right in front of us and He's saying "Here it is!! I've got the good stuff!! Do you want it? Are you ready?? It's right here!! Come and get it!! Come and taste!! Come and drink of living waters!!! Come and get blessed!!"

God isn't hiding. He isn't withholding His blessings. He is so eager to pour out the good stuff!! And let me tell you, He's got the really good stuff!

If you're not getting the goodness of God, if it's not dripping down on your head straight from heaven, you better find out why you're missing out. God hasn't called us out of the world, God hasn't told us to separate ourselves from the things of this world so that we can miss out. Oh man it's just the opposite. He's called us. He's spoken to us. He wants us to nail our self daily to the cross because he wants us to willingly give ourselves up to Him. He wants to make a trade with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He wants to take our filth, our failings, our mistakes, our shortcomings and He wants to trade it for the good stuff!!

Give up yourself, die to yourself and let Him make that trade. Give up the world and the things of this world so you can get the good stuff!!!! Give Him your depression and let Him trade it for some joy!!!!! Give Him your anger, your hate, your self-pity and let Him trade it for some love!!!!!!!!!!

The blessings are there!! Just reach out and grab it!!! He wants you to have it!!! It's for you!! It's so easy! Are you ready? How bad do you want God's blessings??!!! Please don't let the deceiver trick you out of the best, out of God's blessings. Get what you were made for!! Reach out and take what you were created for!!

My heartfelt prayer; Oh God you are awesome!! Your blessings blow me away!!! You are so good, you are so faithful. I'm high on your love, your love is intoxicating. It's touching me, it's pour down on me. You love is filling me up. You are the source of all that is good and right. I want the best, I want only the best! I want what I was made for!!! What a blessing it is to follow you! I'm not missing out, it's the opposite. I'm finally getting the good stuff! Wow oh wow!! Thank you God. Thank you for your mercy!!!!


cj said...

Why can't I just let go? What am I afraid of? I feel my self so close but yet I hold back. How do I truely "give it all" to him? I do not know how to do that, and that is what I want to do more than anything. But every time I think I have given and left it at the cross, there it is later and I am worrying or stressing about that very same thing I thought I left at the cross and turned over to God. Jen, how do I let go like you have?

Frankie said...

It is awesome to hear someone else talk about the great things God is doing for them. It is amazing how God takes us just as we are and then blesses us just because he loves us. While sometimes it is hard to let things go completely, it is worth it. One thing we must remember though is that when we let it go there are going to be times that satan tries to put it back in our face to discourage us again. When those times come if we take them to God immediately He will bless again for our faithfulness. CJ please remember we all struggle with the things of our past and new things in the present. The important thing to remember that God will bring us through. Read John 16:33, it should help. I enjoy reaing your blog Jennifer keep writing, it is great encouragement.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

What an awesome post! I could feel your enthusiasm, I could feel the heart of God reaching out--as I read!

Keep writing! Keep being "the voice of God!"