Monday, May 22, 2006

I've found the way!!!

Wow God is so good, He's so awesome, so amazing. I'm tapping into His love and there is nothing better than His perfect love. I'm convinced His love is the cure for all our problems, it's healing! When you experience His perfect love and when that love drips down on you and you allow it to touch every part of your spirit something awesome happens!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm learning some amazing things that are blowing my mind away. One thing I've noticed is when I have the most amazing spiritual experiences it's when I'm focusing on Jesus. I'm getting to know my savior and it goes like this: Jesus is my sweet, sweet savior. His name is so sweet so wonderful, at times I only need to say and hear His name. His name comes out of my mouth and it's sweet, I can taste it. I roll that name around on my tongue and savor it. And then when it comes out of mouth and touches my ears, it's warm. The sound of His name is like no other. The sound thrills me, it excites me and I'll say His name over and over. It rings in my ears and it touches my soul and the joy oh the joy of hearing His name!! And then I want Him. I want Jesus. He's all I need. He's all I want. I want to follow Him, I want to know Him. I want to love Him.

And guess what???? This is awesome: Jesus leads me to my father!! Did you know that? When I follow Jesus, He takes me straight to my father! And then it goes like this: God is my father and He loves me!!! God is love, He is liquid love. He is genius, He is all knowing. His love is perfect. His love pours down on me and enters me, it cleans me. It heals me. This love is all I need. It's all I want. I was created for this love, for this moment. I was created to be loved by Him. HE LOVES ME!!! He loves me!!!! WOW!!!!! I find my purpose in Him and I love Him!! I was created, I was made, I was formed for this very moment, for this very purpose: To love Him and to worship Him!!! That's it! That's what it's all about!!

And it's so easy. I'm telling you it's so easy! To get to the father, to feel this love, to experience this wonderful and amazing love I just have to follow Jesus. It's all about Jesus. He will lead us to the father and this love. I'm getting drunk on this love. I've tasted and experienced pure love. I've felt God's love and this is what I want. I want this love. I was made for this love.

I'm going in circles, I've found the secret. I've found the way! I've found the key! It's Jesus, it's all about Jesus!!! Focus on Jesus, taste Jesus. Experience Jesus!!! Wanna get filled with the Holy Ghost?? Wanna get some power??? Then experience Jesus. It's not about the Holy Ghost, it's not about praying to the Holy Ghost. I don't worship the Holy Ghost, it's Jesus!!!!! Wow!!

And guess what?? Then it goes like this: The Holy Ghost comes and He teaches me. He guides me. He shows me things. I laugh with the Holy Ghost. He tells me things. Secrets. Secrets to happiness. Secrets to joy. He points me the way. He drags me to the word. He draws me to the truth. It's thrilling, it's wonderful. These secrets are so wonderful, they delight me so much I can only laugh!!

I'm telling you I'm going in circles! It's so wonderful! I've found the way and I'm going to hang onto this. I'm not going to let it slip away! I'm following Jesus. He's all I need!

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