Thursday, August 31, 2006

people are HURTING

The new pastor at my church has started a new thing. On Sundays they pass out little blue cards and you can put a prayer request and turn them in.

Those little blue cards have touched me so much this week and I'll tell you why.

Tuesday I lead a women's Bible study at church and the pastor came in with this past Sunday's blue cards. He asked if each lady wanted to take a card and at the end of our meeting when we have a group prayer, to include the request on the blue card. We readily agreed but little did I know how those card would touch me.

My blue card read: Roland requests prayer for his mother who will begin radiation therapy for 34 days. At the bottom of the card he wrote "I declare God cures her." When it came my turn to pray I felt a burning passion for this unknown Roland, he boldly put on his card that he DECLARES God cure her. Well, the scripture says if two shall agree together it shall be done. So I bound myself in spirit to Roland I agreed with him. The TWO of us are declaring that his mother be cured.

At the end of our meeting we turned the blue cards back into the pastor and I went on my way.

BUT I can't get those blue cards out of my heart. As each lady read out the request it later struck me how much people are HURTING. The world is full of hurting, broken people who are in desperate need of help and healing.

Those blue cards took me away from myself, hearing each lady call out problems and pain gave me a tiny glimpse of what our heavenly Father must feel as he looks down at us and sees our pain and hears our heart's cries. It shook me how much He loves us, how much He wants to comfort us, to help us, to guide us.

My heartfelt prayer; Oh Lord show me what I can do to help a dying and broken world. How can I show your love to those in need? Send people my way that I can help, so I can shine YOUR light onto their dark world. AND thank you Lord for my health, thank you for my children, thank you for my home and nice place to sleep. Thank you for my food. You are a good God! There's so much to thank you for, THANK YOU for creating me! How wonderful it is to get a chance to serve you and know you. You are awesome!

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Kristy Dykes said...

Thanks for a great post. It blessed me. As you said, when we get our eyes off of ourselves and onto others, that's when we experience true happiness. Proud of you. Bet your prayer rocked that place.
Love, Mom