Thursday, August 24, 2006

He's called me!! I've heard Him!!

Last night while in bed trying to get some sleep I heard the clear voice of the Lord and He's put something burning in my heart!!! I had to get up and start working on it in the middle of the night!!

For many years I've felt the desire to write. My mother, Kristy Dykes is an award winning author and has nine Christian fiction titles. She has encouraged me for years to start writing but while that sounded nice I've never come up with a story that I wanted to write about.

Lately I've really been feeling something burning inside of me, a strong desire and last night the Lord gave me my story to write!!!! I believe this story has been brewing in my heart all my life, it feels as if I've been waiting for this very moment in time to write it!

For years I've been scared to write, it seems so overwhelming. Where to begin and really who cares what I have to say?? But last night a clarity and confidence came to me and settled over me like a sweet peace.

I know what I want to write. I have the story and I can see the audience I want to read my story. I can feel their heart. I can sense their longing, they are waiting for this story and I feel such an urgency to get it out. I know this because really this story is everyone's story!!!

I know I have SO much to learn about writing, but I have my story and I'm going to start with that!!!!

My heartfelt prayer; Oh Lord THANK YOU for calling me! My desire is to be used for you. I want to be laid open and bare for all to see. I want to be a living sacrifice for you. All I ask Lord is that you use me. I'm willing to follow you, I'm not afraid. Here I am, I give you what little I have. It's not much but I offer myself up to you. Thank you for creating me so I can know you!! You thrill me!! You excited me!!! You fulfill me!! You sustain me!!! You are all I need, all I want!!


Kristy Dykes said...

Beautiful, Jennifer! I'm so thrilled for you. Once the Lord calls you to write, it's an exciting journey. Oh, there are disappointments along the way; lots of rejections--the hazards of the trade much like a nurse or doctor risking becoming infected; the learning of the craft of fiction; but all in all, it's wonderful.

I'll be here with you all the way. Love, Mom

Patricia W. said...


Many blessings on your new journey. How wonderful to have a mom could have help you avoid a few of the obvious pitfalls, although I'm sure you'll learn many things in your own way.

Hearing the call is one thing. I know. I heard mine years ago. Heeding the call is another. I know. I procrastinated but now I'm being obedient. And I'm being blessed to "meet" people like you and your mom.

Patricia W