Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm counting on God to get my husband in the door!

Now that the Lord has answered my specific prayer of softening my husband's heart I've had to come up with a new prayer. I've been pondering over what I want next from the Lord, what my next prayer will focus on and I've got it!!

Yesterday the new pastor told us he's going to be leading a 13 week series and putting the whole church through confirmation classes (think new christian class.) Each Sunday will be a new topic explaining the Christian beliefs. The series will start September 10th and the first topic will be "Why bother with Christianity? Is Christianity worth the bother?" Other topics will be "Who is Jesus, and why did he have to die?"

After each service they will have a discussion group that is OPEN. Meaning anyone can come and share what they think or believe and ask questions. They will have about 8 leaders who are trained to answer questions. He said someone can even come to the discussion and say, "I don't believe in God" and the leaders will state why they believe and the proof etc. they have.

The pastor made a big point on saying that we all must choose Christianity on our own. We can't be told what or how to think. It must be our choice, our own decision.

I got so excited!!!! This is JUST what my husband needs!!! He keeps saying the "church" is telling me what to think and brain washing me etc. How perfect this new session sounds! The timing couldn't be better!!

My new specific prayer will be that somehow, and I don't know how he's going to do it BUT I'm believing He's powerful enough, that the Lord will get my husband in the door of the church on September 10th to hear this new series.

I believe He can do it!!!!!

I've done my part, I told my husband ALL about the new series and challenged him to come and hear what they have to say. The next part I need to do is pray. I will be fasting and crying out for help from my savior. I need Him to work on my husband's heart.

Now it's up to God! I believe with all my heart God wants my husband bad! I feel a fire burning in my soul and it's ready to burst out. I want my husband saved and I want us to start our service to the King! I don't know exactly what He has in store for me, but it feels big! I feel like I'm being prepared for something and I can't wait for the moment when I can push forward and live in service to my savior!

I feel held back right now, the Holy Spirit is telling me to hold on. To wait, to have patience but man I'm READY to serve! I've been called, I hear it ringing in my heart and I want to respond in a big way. I'm ready to surge forward, no looking back!!!

My heartfelt prayer; Oh Lord, I want to serve you!!!! With all my heart, all my being. I don't want to look back or look at the things of this world. I want to work for YOU!!! Oh Lord put me to work!!! Abba Father, get my husband in that door on September 10th. Help me Father, give me wisdom on what to say and do. Hold me quiet when I need to be still, give me courage when I need to stand up and speak. Thank you!!!


Kristy Dykes said...

Yes, I feel it too, Jennifer. And even better than that--I KNOW it! God will do a great work in both your souls, and it is going to be good. Meantime, you have to just keep doing what you know to do, keep putting one foot in front of the other, so to speak, in all matters, from wifehood to motherhood to God. He will show you the way.

Kristy Dykes said...

Okay, where's today's post? Write at night when the babies go down instead of mopping! Just kidding. You have to do what you have to do! But I DO love your writing and the things God is pouring into your heart. You rock, girl.

Priscilla said...

You make me excited about serving God!!! You are truly an inspiration and I am challenged by your insight.


milton dykes said...

We are believing with you, Jennifer. God love Javier and died for him too. God's love is going to be poured out in his life in a powerful way. Trust God and obey His voice as He leads you.

Love, Dad