Monday, August 14, 2006

Amazing conversation PART 2

The next day I brought up the subject again and said, “I thought about what you said about me not being open to different ways of thinking and………and there’s a difference between being open to learning and discussing other religions and beliefs and……being open to changing your beliefs.” No I am not opening to changingmy beliefs. I’ve thought long and hard about what I believe and I’ve reached conclusions. But I am open to learning about other religions and why different people believe what they do.

I told him “you are the one who is intolerant.” He replied “who me?” I answered “wasn’t it not too long ago that you told me you didn’t want me reading my Bible or having anything to do with religion?” “If there’s no power in the Bible and its all worthless then where’s the harm?” He replied that he now doesn’t have a problem with me studying and reading the Bible, he’s ok with whatever I want to do!

At one point he stopped the conversation and said he knew what my situation was. He said he came to the conclusion that what happened to me on March 15th was a combination of hallucination and suggestion. He had this whole elaborate idea that attending church had opened me up and they put suggestions in my head that made me hallucinate what I experienced.

He said it was similar to being hypnotized and that by talking to my parents (who are believers and pastors) on the phone something similar to hypnotism had happened to me.

I asked him then, if he really thought that when I talked to my parents about religion or attended church that they were secretly sending out messages and hypnotizing me???? It’s absolutely ridiculous! I told him “so if that’s true, then I must be hypnotizing you! When we talk about religion or God do you feel me putting YOU under a spell?” He then said that no he didn’t think that was happening.

After further thought and discussion he came up with this powerful statement that almost knocked me off my seat! He said, “Some people are open to suggestion. I am not. I could never be hypnotized or have suggestion put in my head. So what happened to you was the willingness to be suggested.”

Did you hear that??? The willingness to be suggested!! He just described the action of faith!

I shouted out to him “you got it! That’s it!!” I told him “when I had that supernatural experience it was when I was sitting on my couch all alone and thinking about my life and what I believe. It was when I gave up MY will and realized it’s not all about ME. When I broke and my pride fell down is when God revealed Himself to me in a powerful and might way!” I told him “when you will give up your pride, and realize it’s not all about you and open yourself up to Him, that’s when he’s going reveal Himself to you!!!”

Later I asked him “so….. what would the test be? If I stopped attending church and I still experienced God then how would you explain it?” “Then what would your answer be?” He said and I quote “then I guess it would be a supernatural revelation from God!” Wow!!!!!!

Of course I’m not going to stop attending church to prove to my husband God exists but I will tell you what the true test will be. It will be time. When he sees me living out my faith and sticking to my beliefs, regardless of what comes my way in life, when he witness the amazing peace of Christ that passes all understanding, it will make him ask, how and why?

Once again, God is genius!!!


Kirsty said...

I absolutely love reading your blog. I love hearing about your excitement of God and seeing how he's hand has worked in your life. I too, feel his hand working in my life everyday. I am so blessed in many ways.

God bless you.

Kristy Dykes said...

What powerful, powerful posts. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. Love, Mom