Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's all coming together!!!!!

First I would like to report I'm seeing this verus being worked out in my very own life:

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Let me tell you how this verus is coming alive for me!! It's so exciting!!!

Last night my husband and I were watching on the History channel a show about hidden codes in the Bible. It was a very interesting show that had many good points. It opened the door for me to speak on spiritual matters and it got the conversation flowing.

This is a miracle itself because the hate in my husband's heart was so strong that before he couldn't even bare to mention the word Bible more less watch an hour long program on it!

After the show was over he asked me again to tell him what happened to me back in March. I shared my heart with him, I opened myself up and just let it pour out.

He told me that I wanted to have a supernatural experience and that's why that happened.

After awhile we got quiet and he started watching another show, I went into the kitchen to do some dishes. I didn't know what to say further. I felt like jumping up and down in front of him and shouting, "how blind can you be man!!! He's right in front of you!!!" But of course I didn't do that!!!

Instead as I washed the pots and pans from dinner I started praying in the Spirit. I didn't even know what to pray for, that's what's so great about praying in the Spirit. The Spirit intercedes for you!

All the sudden I felt words coming up and about to burst out, I ran back to my husband and I didn't have to think what to say! It just poured out.

I reminded him of a time back in April during Easter week when I attended a special Good Friday service. I reminded him how he said if I went that night to the service that I could never come back, the marriage would be over and he would divorce me.

I shared with him how scary that was for me, how painful. How frighten I was. Everything in me wanted to say forget the service and stay home just so we wouldn't have the conflict. But as scared as I was, I COULD NOT stay home. Because what I believe is REAL!

I asked him why would I put myself through that unless I believed with all my heart?

We looked into each other's eyes and I tenderly told him how he's my best friend. The person I care about most and that's why I'm sharing all this with him. Because it's real and amazing and God's love is SOOOO GOOD!!!

I told him how nothing can seperate me from this love, it's so good I'm willing to suffer and face hard times because it's real and I believe and it's good!

I gave him further examples and I could tell it really touched him, made him think differently.

When I think back to that Good Friday night, I remember how lonely and afraid I felt, in fact you can read that post here

Just copy and paste that. It's titled so alone.

To now see how this story is all starting to come together just blows me away!

God IS real! He's exciting. He's wonderful. His mercy is amazing!!


Ok I just went back myself and read what I posted under so alone and I'm even more amazed!!! Isn't it astounding how God is now using that night??? I'm so glad I listened to Him and followed His leading that night! It was one of the worst nights in my life, I felt so terrified. I really didn't know if the marriage would continue. And now the miracle is happening!!! Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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