Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The word is ALIVE!!!!!!

I wrote the following below while being drunk in the Holy Spirit!!

Did you know that the word of God is ALIVE???!!!!

The word is ALIVE!!! I am living the word! I am living IN the word. The word speaks to me, it talks to me, it was written FOR ME!!! It's REAL and it's ALIVE!!

I want to absorb it. I want to soak in it. I want to know it. I want to commit it to my mind. I want to know more.

Everything else is a copy, an imitation of Him. The deceiver is jealous and uses this world and the things in this world to deceive us and distract us from Him. The deceiver is jealous that it's all about God.

God abhors sin and the copying of his gifts because they are not about Him. He is a jealous God and everything is about Him, it's all about Him. Don't lose sight of Him. Don't let the deceiver fool you, there is no true joy in his fake imitations.

You will know the truth when you see it, there are no grey areas. There is no doubt. What isn't about Him, isn't from Him.

It's so simple. There's nothing to do. It's been done for you. It's all about Him. Find your joy in Him.

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