Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Did you know that God is in everything??!!

I wrote the following below while being drunk in the Holy Spirit!!! When I focus on Him and lose myself and my desires to Him I can SEE Him! He is everything that is beautiful and pure!!

Every laugh, everything pure is from Him, is Him. Every joy comes from Him, every gift, every blessing is His to help us keep our focus on Him and to show Himself to us. When we laugh we laugh with Him. When we cry, we cry with Him. He is in us, He is with us always. He never leaves. We just have to find Him and focus on Him. It's not of this world, it can't be explained in words. It's all about Him, it's about going back to Him. It's about losing yourself in Him and finding yourself in Him. Finding your true purpose and meaning in Him. It's so simple, you don't have to define it or explain it. He is real. God is real and He's with us always, we just have to find Him and focus on Him. It's about having the mind and faith of a child.

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