Monday, March 27, 2006

Two new things to report for Him!!!!!

I learned yesterday if I'll just listen to Him and have faith in Him I'll save myself a lot of time and trouble.

I haven't been to church on Sunday in about a month. Each week something happens. Either I've had a stomach virus and couldn't leave the house or one of the kids has been too sick for the church nursery or I haven't had a car.

Yesterday I didn't have a car. I first thought I'd just take a taxi to church, problem solved. But then I'll admit I got lazy and thought I'd check out a church that is right beside my condo. So much easier to just walk with the babies next door than to take a taxi etc. So I got us ready, put the baby in the sling and my toddler on her leash and off we went.

I knew walking up to that church that it wasn't right. The name and denomination of that church is Unity. I know nothing about this denomination but I can tell you it wasn't for me or for a true believer in Christ. My spirit knew this but stubborn me had to see for myself so I dragged all 3 of us in and went to the church library to see what this Unity church believed in. Well wouldn't you know that everything was in Spanish so I couldn't find out for my stubborn self!

I stood there in the parking lot thinking about what I should do. The Holy Spirit was CLEARLY telling me to leave, yet I wanted desperately to attend church. This church was very nice, the people very inviting and warm. So tempting to stay. Amazing, the deceiver at work even in a church!!! THANK THE LORD FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!! I knew nothing about this church yet the Holy Spirit was speaking and leading me and he was saying RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

I found a place to sit and called my mom on the cell phone to report the situation I found myself in. When she heard the name Unity she too told me NOT TO STAY!!! THANK THE LORD FOR MY GODLY MOTHER!! What an encourager she is!!! She immediately suggested I catch a cab to my regular church and so what if I only get there the last 10 minutes!

Well that's just what I did, I had to walk with both babies back to my condo to get my wallet, and back down to catch the cab and off we went! I got there for the last 30 minutes and wouldn't you know as I sat there listening to the word He spoke to me and showed me how he wants me to share the Good News with my husbands family!

This leads to the second thing I wanted to report. I shared the Good News with my mother-in-law! After church she came over to visit the babies and the Holy Spirit fell on me and a joy that I couldn't contain overcame me and I shared with her what happened to me! She was very excited and said she believed what happened to me to be true! She listened to everything I had to say and was amazed! A seed has been planted! THANK YOU LORD!!!!

So I learned a lesson yesterday, if I'll just turn to Him and listen Him and obey Him, life will be a lot easier!!!

My heartfelf prayer; Thank you Lord for your Holy Spirit! Thank you Lord for speaking to me and guiding me in this dark and lonely world. You said in your Word: I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil one. John17:15
(King JamesVersion)
Thank you Lord that yesterday you kept me from the evil one. Now I pray Lord that you help me to constantly keep my focus on you. If I will only listen to You, You will be my guide in this dark world.

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