Saturday, April 01, 2006

Comment from cousin Jeri

Jeri Sherfy said...

Jennifer, I know you have heard the old saying, "He is so heavenly minded that he is no earthly good!" Wow is this far from the truth. After reading your blogs tonight I can certainly see that the more "heavenly minded" you get the more "good" happens on earth. So to speak.... This is your cousin Jeri in Jax and I was so excited to hear what has been happening in your life. Pray for us as we will you. Love, Jeri

Hi cousin Jeri!!! I haven't heard that saying before but you are right, very far from the truth. I am learning that God walks beside me every second of my day. He is right in front of me and with me always. I'm learning that I just have to be quiet and listen to Him and He'll speak to me!! He's always ready to teach me and guide, I just have to shut up long enough to allow Him to find me!!!

I can't live without Him. He helps me with the smallest of tasks so I can give Him glory. A perfect example of this, my 2 year old picked up my four month old this week and dropped him on the tile floor on his face. I spent 10 hours alone in the ER with him while he had his entire body Xrayed and blood tests done. They found fluid in his sinuses and did a CT scan to rule out blood and trauma. He is totally fine and the flood wasn't blood, he has a sinus infection. Someone commented to me that they couldn't believe I had to go through that all alone with my son. No help and no support. Well let me report, I wasn't alone. Do you know as I was sitting there in that ER waiting room scared, lonely, sad, worried. HE was right there with me!!!! He comforted me, He put His arms around me. When I had no one to talk to or share my fears with, HE LISTENED TO ME!!! He was there!!!!

My son screamed for 5 hours straight in the ER and when I thought I couldn't go on, when I thought I would drop from exhaustion of holding him hour after hour with him screaming HE gave me strength. He gave me patience!! It was His love that allowed me to make it!!

Oh how I need Him, I need Him every second of my day. I am nothing without Him.

I share this story to Him glory!!! He was there for me and when I coudn't bear it anymore He sent my MIL to the ER and she sat with me for two hours and held Lorenzo to give me some relief.

He was right beside me and told me everything was going to be ok when fear grabbed my heart at seeing my tiny son strapped down and going into that big CT machine. I thought I would lose it, but He gave me courage to help keep my son calm so they could do the test.

My heartfelt prayer; Thank you Lord for your salvation!!! Thank you Lord for dying for me. I am in awe of you!! I am weak, I am nothing. Yet you love me so much. Lord I pray not that you make my life easier but that you be with me, teach me Lord. I want you Lord, it's all I pray for. It's all I ask. Just one thing, YOU! I hunger for YOU, I don't care where I am or what I'm doing as long as I can be with YOU. You are so sweet. You are so wonderful!!!!

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