Thursday, April 13, 2006

We are His bride!!!

We are His bride!! When I think of that I get so giddy!! He choose us!!! He wants us!!! He is love sick for us!!!

I am falling in love, head over heels, crazy in love with Jesus. I've never felt so alive, so loved, so fullfilled.

For the first time I understand, truly understand that we, the Christians, are Christ's bride!! We have been set apart for Him. Promised to Him. He has choosen us. He wants us. He is desperate for us!! His love is SO powerful, that it changes us!

Jesus is showing me His heart. I understand now what He's up to!!!He is wooing my atheist husband with His love. He is using me to pour out this love and woo him. He wants my husband to be his bride and I feel the power of the Lord flowing through me and it’s dripping onto my husband.

Everyone wants to be loved; it feels so good to be loved completely. My dh (dear husband)won’t be able to deny this! I feel it’s with Christ’s love that he will be won. I know I can’t reason with him, he is too blind, too deaf. But I feel sure it’s with Christ love he will come to see the truth and the way.

He is making me fall in love with my dh (dear husband)all over again! I look deeply into his eyes and I see a glipse into his soul, he is filled with pain and it breaks my heart. Jesus is desperate for him, He wants to touch him. He wants my dh to let Him love him. He wants to wrap His arms around my husband and hold him. He loves him so much. He wants him so much that it grives Him.

He is showing me so many things about my husband, more than I want to share publicly. But I can say that when He shows me these things, I'm amazed at how much He loves us. The depth of His love is more than we can fully understand.

Christ’s love is so powerful, there are times I feel absolutely drunk on it! I look at people and my dh and I see such beauty, I just want to grab them and tell them how beautiful they are! Don’t they know how Christ sees them?? It makes me giddy and silly!! He loves us so much!!

My heartfelt prayer; Thank you Lord for your word!!! Thank you Lord for you mercy, for your salvation. You are wonderful, you are awesome!!! Lord help me!! Save me!! Keep me!! Hold me!!! Help me to keep my eyes on your face and not get distracted by this world. Give me the power you have promised me through your Holy Spirit. I can't do it without you! Without you I am nothing, everything good about me comes from you. Without you I am broken, dead. I need you every second of my day. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for loving me. I love you Jesus.

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Priscilla said...


I praise the Lord for your rebirth and reconnection with God. I have prayed for you and your family for a long time and I am so thankful God has touched your heart!

It is great to hear of all the wonderful things God is showing you. Jesus loves you and Javier so very much and I know he will see Christ through your love---Never give up on him!!!!!