Friday, February 06, 2009

Puerto Rico

This is a picture of my little guy Lorenzo. He turned 3 in November. We went on a long walk together while his sister, Claudia was in school.

This was taken in my neighborhood. One of the things I love about Puerto Rico are the colors of the island. The sky is SO blue and the trees SO green. You have to see with your own eyes to know what I mean.

I just love sitting in my backyard and looking at the bright green palm trees against the brilliance of the blue.

Not long ago we had mother bird make her nest in one of our palm trees. It was so neat watching the babies grow up. I got to see the mother teaching her babies how to fly. She led them all out on the palm branch and encouraged them to take flight.

That's what my mother did all my life, she taught and taught me so I could make it in this life.

Now she's gone and it's my turn to fly off and soar... taking all she taught me to help make my life count.

My heartfelt prayer: Dear Jesus, Thank you for the beautiful gift of life. Thank you for the wonderful mother you blessed me with. Help me to be a good mother to little Lorenzo and Claudia. Give me little bits of wisdom throughout my day to help develop what You created inside them. Love, Jennifer


Milton Dykes said...

That is one handsome little guy!

Love You, Papa

Aunt Becky said...

I love your website. It's pretty, the way you have it set up. It's also inspiring - you are so talented. Jennifer, I love your prayers to God. I write letters to God (kind of like a journal); it brings release; it's Someone to share my innermost thoughts with; I wish I could completely explain how it makes me feel, but I can't. It's just awesome. Lorenzo is a little cutie. I miss seeing y'all. I love you. Aunt Becky

Granddaddy Dykes said...

Sweet Jennifer, Granddaddy and Granny think you are wonderful. We pray the children will be well soon.

We love your blog site. You're doing great.

Lots of love,


Jennifer said...

Hey Aunt Becky! We miss you too! I can't wait to see you in April and the kids are going to be excited too. I really enjoyed our time together over the summer, even though it was a tough time with my mom so sick. We did have moments where we laughed and I think she would have been pleased. I'm so grateful you were there and took such awesome care of all of us! I love you. Jennifer

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Granny and Granddaddy, Aww thanks! The kids should be better in a few days, they have a cold. I hate missing church but don't think the other parents appreciate us spreading our germs! Love ya!