Sunday, February 15, 2009

Inherited Obsessions

If my mom were still alive I'd call her up and our conversation would go like this, "mom, remember when I was little and would get "very attached" to certain things? Well, Lorenzo is just like me!"
My mom and I used to talk on the phone almost everyday. We talked about life, kids, God and more.
I loved how she always had wonderful, Godly advise and would end many conversations with a prayer, tears always in her voice. She was a woman who had empathy for all in need.
One story I remember her telling about me had to do with white gloves. Once when I was little I suddenly decided I wanted to go to sleep wearing my white Sunday gloves. She explained that I couldn't sleep with them and passionate little me pitched a royal fit. Many tears later, she won and the gloves were put aside. So she thought! Later when she went to check on me, there I was asleep wearing those gloves!
Later when I had kids, she used this story to point out that some battles aren't worth fighting!
How grateful I am that I had her, to teach me these things about motherhood. I miss her so much. I don't understand why she had to go now, there is so much more I need her to teach me!
Now I have Lorenzo, who in many ways is a little "mini-me." He's a passionate little guy who apparently has inherited my obsessions! In the picture notice how he's sleeping beside his new red shoes. He usually wants to go to sleep wearing his shoes, and knowing that some battles aren't worth fighting, I've bargained with him and instead her puts his shoes beside his pillow and sleeps that way! Wonder where he got that from! ha!
My heartfelt prayer: Dear Jesus, Sometimes I don't understand why you gave me such a wonderful, wise mother and then took her away. There is so much more I needed to learn from her. Why now? I don't understand, but I do trust You. I look to You with my arms outstreched, expecting YOU to help guide me. I ask You for wisdom in raising these special kids You've trusted me with. I ask Your Holy Spirit to come and be that voice of wisdom, that unique guide that only He can be. Love, Jennifer


milton dykes said...

Jennifer, you are a wise little mother. God will reveal things to you to make up for not having your mother. God is already giving you such amazing wisdom and insight. Trust Him and believe Him. He is not going to fail you.

Love, Dad

Seedplanter said...

Jennifer, your dad is right. As time goes on, you will remember more "little lessons" that are actually huge--lifetime gifts that will help you in your mothering journey.

Our moms were a gift that keeps on giving. I miss mine terribly.

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

First, I want to give you a (((((BIG HUG)))) family style. Uncle Oscar sent me your blog address and so here I am meeting you! I think we are 2nd cousins.

My oldest did the same thing slept with whatever was special at the moment. : )

We have family in Arroyo PR and my husband's family is from there.

What a touching gift that your father sent you. You express your faith so well in your posts and it is a blessing. I am truely sorry for the loss of your mom.


Jennifer said...

Beth, Nice to meet you! What a small world! How neat to know your husband is from this beautiful island. Does he miss it? I love livng here and have gotten used to the differences between here and the states, at least for the most part!

I checked out your blog, your boys are adorable! What gorgeous eyes and lashes. I look forward to reading it more and getting to know you. Take care and God bless.

Jennifer said...

Bonnie, You are so right. I'm sorry you are missing your mom. I know just how you feel.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, you are already showing your wisdom when you say some battles aren't worth the fight. If only all mothers (and fathers) could realize that. There will be plenty of battles ahead that will require your greatest effort and fortitude, but sleeping in shoes (or not) is not one of them. :)