Thursday, February 19, 2009

A God Who Answers Our Prayers

The past few weeks I've really prayed asking God to give me wisdom in one major area of my life and I just love it when God shows up big!

I've been praying for wisdom in raising my little kiddies. They are three and five and such a delight, but oh boy, do they stretch my patience.

Lorenzo is coming out of the terrible two's (ok so he's been three since November) but the tantrums. Oh. My. Goodness. He cries and pitches fits with a passion not seen since... well, me actually! I've been told I was very "strong willed."

So just how does one get a passionate, strong-willed, temper tantrum throwing three-year-old to cooperate? There are times I want to pull my hair out, scream and run out the door! But guess what? That gets us no where quick!

Since I believe God is the giver of wisdom I decided to pray and ask for some custom made wisdom into the situation.

Suddenly in my heart, part of the answer became clear.

Isn't it awesome how we can go to God and ask Him stuff like this?

It's slightly humbling what I feel God told me, but I'm not going to shy away!

Two things. I realized I fuss to much and I get frustrated too quickly and easily. As clear as a bell I saw the areas I needed to work on to be a better mother.

Just today, my hubby commented how patient I was with my three year old. I just had to smile and give the glory to my God, because believe me that patience came from Him!

You see, God is waiting to shower down gifts on us. Just ask Him. Need wisdom into a certain situation? How to deal with that tough co-worker, in-law, husband, or wife? I challenge you to make it a matter of prayer, ask Him for the answer. Then open your heart and receive it and let Him work it out through you. Let Him use you to shower His love, His mercy, His grace into someone else's life.

My heartfelt prayer: Dear Jesus, Oh how I need You. I call to You asking for help. Give me wisdom in how to raise my children. You desire that we live in peace and so I ask You to equip me with Your power to accomplish what You have set before me. Give me just enough for exactly what I need and not a drop more. I desire to pant after You, needing You, wanting You and living my life one day at a time completely relying upon You. Love, Jennifer

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