Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Are you chosen?

Today while sitting in traffic I was reading the Bible on my iphone when the end of this verse struck me...

Mark 13:20... But for the sake of his chosen ones he has shortened those days.

Chosen. Interesting word I thought. But what does that mean? Does He choose some and not others? What about those He doesn't "choose?" What happens to them?

Merriam Webster Online defines chosen as: one who is the object of choice or divine favor.

I certainly feel like He choose me. It's not so much that I'm using that verse in context, I understand He's talking about end times. What I'm refering to is that He used the word chosen, and I can relate to that word. It struck a cord in me because I once felt Him call me, and He revealed Himself in a personal and unique way.

I often wonder why He did that. What makes me so special? I'm so grateful to know Him, but my heart cries out "what about those who don't know Him?"

I really don't think I'm special. I'm not sure why there are those whom He doesn't reveal Himself so clearly too. I can only try and show you my heart, perhaps give a glimpse of what He sees.

I long for Him. To know Him, to be loved by Him. I want Him more than anything. I desire Him. I'm chasing after Him and I'm not going to let go until I know more, experience more.

What exactly am I chasing? What does that mean in real life? One thing I'm chasing is His peace. The kind of peace you can feel. Peace similar to a cloud that wraps tightly around and keeps you from falling when you hear the worst news of your life. For me that was when my mom was in ICU and the doctor gave the news that she had six months or less to live. That peace felt like cotton candy and all I had to do was open my mouth and taste it.

Today when I read chosen, my heart cried out and grabbed onto that word for my husband. "Jesus!!! Choose Javier." I want my husband to know Him. It's not that I want Javier to find a religion, or change, or donate money to church, or become weird.

I just want him to be blasted and washed by His love. I want him to feel 100% loved by his Creator. Just one blast and I know he'd be hooked! I've been convinced by that love. I want Him to call out Javier by name.

My heartfelt prayer: Dear Jesus, Have mercy on Javier. Have mercy on my husband. Choose him. Call him. Show Him who you really are. Pull off the scale on his eyes and let him see You. You called me, You love me and I'm asking You to do the same for Javier. It's the cry of my heart. I'm not going to let You go, I'm not going to stop asking for this mercy. I want it for the sake of my husband, for the sake of my children but also for the sake of the kingdom! Advance Your kingdom. Use me! Use him. Just a blast, Jesus. I know You want him! Love you always, Jennifer


Lisa said...




Pat said...

I want to encourage to hang on to your desire for salvation for your husband it will come....in God's timing.....but keep asking for we can be persistent...I kept asking for 15 years...and God answered....there maybe rough times before it happens...but you can do all things through christ who will give you strength....you writings are such inspiration...I know your mom is proud....hang in there you will see it...I couldnt help but cry as I read your prayers they were exactly what I had prayed...God is able so keep on believing....You will see it...

B. J. Brooks said...

Jennifer I too feel chosen by God for often He shows me things, simple things and huge things, but always I know He's with me.

Once I prayed just as you have and God spoke to my heart and told me I would see my husband raise his hands and praise God. He didn't go to church often back then, but I witnessed what God told me two years before he passed away.

I needed that vision to keep going during the hard times. Keep praying, keep chasing, keep believing.

Many Blessings
B.J. Brooks

Kasey said...

Your post today is such an inspiration to me. I cried as I read because my prayers have been the same for my husband. I just want him to feel what I feel and see how wonderful and loving God is. I am encouraged by your words and look forward to following your blog.
Many blessings,

THOMBU1 said...

Javier is being blasted and washed by His love trough you. He does feel 100% loved by his Creator through you. You are the ambassador for Christ to him. The way you love him, your children and your God is an enduring testimony to the love of God toward him. Some people just need to be brought by cicumstances to a point of need for the love of Christ. I also pray for Him to call out Javier by name, and by faith, I stand with you and believe He will. Do not lose hope, for as I am sure you know, God loves him more than anyone else ever has or will.

seedplanter said...

Jennifer, the beauty of God's love is that there's enough for every one of us. I love the scripture that says, "In Him we are complete."

In Psalms, we read that he knew us while we were still inside our mother's wombs. He formed us and knew our name before we ever drew our first breath. I love that. He knows me better than anyone, and he knows your husband as well. Give him room to work. It will be a wonderful day when Javier realizes how much our Creator loves him. I join you in praying he'll find that peace.

Jennifer said...

Pat, Thank you for your encourgement. It's so uplifting to hear salvation stories of an unsaved spouse. It reminds me that it DOES happen!

B.J., Thanks for sharing. I love hearing how God reveals things, as He does this to me too and I just find it exciting and amazing! That's wonderful about your husband, that story just inspires me!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kasey! Do you have a blog? I couldn't view your profile. Thanks for commenting, it means a lot to know I'm not the only one crying out for salvation for a spouse. How long have you been married? God bless!

Thanks Thom, that was beautifully said and so true! Yes my husband is being loved through me by Him. Isn't that just amazing?

Bonnie, Thanks for joining in prayer. You know what the scripture says about two or more agreeing in prayer! I struggle with knowing exactly what to say to my hubby. I don't want to give too much space that he never gets a chance. But I know I can't do or say anything on my own to make him see the truth. It's going to be God.

Jennifer said...

Hi Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, you are an amazing writer! As a fourth grade teacher who has to teach writing, I love to read your descriptive writing filled with great writer's crafts! Mom would be so proud of you. (For your talented writing and for so much more!) I love you and can't wait to see you soon. --Julie

Milton Dykes said...

Dear Jesus:

Please blast Javier soon. Touch him by your grace. Reveal your very person in a supernatural, undeniable way. Let him know you are real and that You love him.

I love you Jennifer and pray daily for this to happen.

Love, Dad

THOMBU1 said...

I updated my blog and added another poem.
Hope all is well with you all. Your Dad sure is having fun with Sandra. My wife picks at her all the time, she says she is an easy target! We love her dearly. The house looks great, and I know he is proud to get it all spiffed up. Blessings to you!