Monday, May 12, 2008

The sweetest voice ever!

Last night I talked to my mom!

She's been so weak, not eating or drinking and barely able to whisper but she had a little rally yesterday.

My dad put the phone to her ear and in a clear voice she said, "Hey Jennifer!" I wish you could hear how she sounded. So gentle and sweet! I thought I would never hear her voice again, I can't tell you how good it felt to hear her.

I did most of the talking as she's so weak that she can't form her words clearly. She gets tired quickly. At one point she wanted to pray for me, like she always has but she just couldn't. So I took over and prayed for us. I called upon our sweet Savior, Jesus for peace and comfort.

I felt His presence with us both. Even though I couldn't touch her, I felt such peace and comfort from Jesus that it was as if I was giving her a hug.

A little bit later I was talking to my dad and mom whispered out, "I feel splendid."

We are living out the truth that even though hard times come, Jesus comes in such a surprising sweet way. His peace so real that at times I feel wrapped in His arms.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, oh - how precious to be able to hear your Momma's sweet voice on Mother's Day!

You were sharing how God has enveloped you in His Peace at this hard time. You know, I'd not understand at all, but on Feb. 1 my Dad suddenly passed away with no warning. I'm an only child, and was extremely close to both my parents - always a Daddy's girl. It just about took me out of this world when I lost Daddy. But, amazingly I had so much strength from God that it was almost unbelievable! The COMFORTER had come, and brought such peace, security and power that I was seeing what was going on, but rallying in the midst of it all. GOD CARRIED ME THROUGH, to make arrangements, to visit with family and relatives, to make clear decisions for my Mom during her grief. Here it is 3 mos. later, and I am still being carried by God - FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND - I know Daddy is in heaven, and I know he's rejoicing and DANCING WITH JESUS!!!! Everyday, I feel Daddy's presence and "hear" what he'd say in every situation that comes up. The truth is: I AM MY DADDY! I could've not ask for a more Godly Dad, and the advice he always gave me still rings in my ears. He lives on, with me! He knew how much I loved and adored him. The last time I saw him in life, he and I were laughing over a "senior" joke - he was just cracking up and shaking his head back and forth as I pulled out of that drive at 1 pm that day, then at 3 pm he had a massive heart attack and was gone to heaven in two minutes. At the onset of the news, I fell in a heap on the wet muddy ground and said, "No, no, no!" over and over, then just as Kristy has explained - God placed a cloud of peace around me, and carried me all the way - there was clarity, no confusion. NO ONE COULD HAVE EVER TOLD ME I'D HAVE BEEN SANE THROUGH IT ALL - BUT, FOR GOD.....HE said in His Word that He'd never leave us or forsake us, and HE DID NOT! HE'S BEEN THERE, HE'S PROVED HIMSELF FAITHFUL, AND I PRAISE HIS NAME! From a voice of experience, my sweet Jennifer, ..... IT'LL BE OKAY! God's Word is true! I'm praying and believing for your whole family!

Love, Cathy (TN)

Anonymous said...

Cathy's experience echoes mine, only it was my mom who slipped away peacefully in her sleep. My dad followed two years later. I thought I knew the Lord before, but it was through those experiences that His character shone brighter than ever.

Thanks for the email, Jennifer. (Look for a reply later today.) It's a blessing to know that you received such a sweet surprise on Mother's Day, and your mom was gifted with a special day, too. God is so good. I understand completely what your closing statement means: His peace is so real that at times I feel wrapped in His arms. I'm praying that this experience and the way you and your family have so freely shared it, will bring someone out there to Christ. God is at work, that I know. /Bonnie