Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Unusual dream

Last night after I felt God speak into my heart and tell me "I am here. I will not leave" you'd think I'd have slept peacefully but not so.

I had a very unusual dream I believe is from the Lord.

In this dream I was in my condo and everything was very dark and black and I was under a spiritual attack. But instead of being invisible I could see the spiritual world and I could see this attack happening to me. Over and over an evil spirit came up to me and tried to overtake me. A fog and blackness would surround me and I couldn't think straight, I could see. I didn't know where I was going. I couldn't understand how or why this was happening to me. I kept thinking to myself "but I'm a Christian, how can this evil spirit be trying to overtake me?" Yet over and over the spirit came and this fog of blackness would surround me. It would confuse me.

I tried so hard to fight this spirit off but it seemed he was winning and it terrified me. All the sudden I knew what to do, I started praying and surrounding myself with my family. It dawned on me I needed them very much to fight this evil thing off. Suddenly I saw my Uncle Rick and Aunt Tricia (pastors at Leesburg First Assembly of God) and they were lit by a very white light. They were praying and then I saw the rest of my family and the more they prayed and surrounded me the more I could see the way out. With their prayers I was able to fight off this evil spirit! It was amazing.

Now I take this dream to mean I'm under a spiritual attack (I've felt it for weeks) and I know I've got lots of family praying for me. The Lord has been dealing with me about prayer and how I need to be in prayer more. I've felt Him show me if I want to win this spiritual battle I've got to pray.

This dream just confirms that. Isn't God awesome?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,
Peter here again. Just wanted to encourage you to get on your knees face to the ground when you pray. It puts you in your proper place before God. God exalts the humble and casts away the proud. So my words of wisdom to you are, humble yourself and allow God to work through you to bring your husband to salvation. And use the tools you've ben given through the Word and Way of the Master. i keep noticing how you keep saying "I" need to do this or that try saying the Lord can do that through me and His will be done not mine. You know how so many people speak of thier free will? Well in all actuality your free to do all your will you want however scripture tells us that all our will desires is to satisfy the flesh not God. You have the best intensions of wanting your hubby to come to repentance and accept Jesus and rightfully so. Just stop thinking of how you can do it and allow God to do it through you. As Paul said he boasts in nothing of himself he only boasts in the cross.
Psalm 115:1
Not to us, O Lord, Not to us
But to your name give glory,
Beccause of your mercy
Becuse of your truth

Or as Chris Tomlin sings it.
Not to us But to your Name be the Glory
All Glory and Honor and Praise

Highly recomend his music by the way. Ok God bless you my beloved.
Your brother in Christ
Peter So. Fl.