Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just in time

This past week I've been feeling so discouraged and so distant from God.

I've felt so ALONE. There are times when I feel like my husband and I are night and day and how on earth is this going to work? Suddenly so much has changed. Our values and goals in life are very different now. His values are still based on the world. My values and goals are TOTALLY oppossite of that. I don't see things the same way. What once used to be SO important is meaningless now.

At times all this makes me feel very alone, so last night as I was turning the lights off for bed I felt unsure about my faith and heard the question "what am I doing?" bouncing around in my mind. I just felt LONELY.

Well as I was standing at the sink brushing my teeth all the sudden God spoke to me and said "I am here. I will not leave." Instantly a peace came over me and at once I felt Him and His amazing love.

Isn't God wonderful? Right when I needed Him, when I needed to feel Him, to experience Him, He showed up!

I got in bed and just laid there with a smile on my face knowing that I am NOT alone.

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Kristy Dykes said...

I missed yesterday's post, so I'll comment on both of your recent posts. Glad you got the book. For your readers who don't know, Jennifer and her husband were watching TV one evening a few weeks ago, and the story came on (I don't know which program) about Stephen Baldwin, brother of Alec Baldwin. She said her husband sat there and listened to the whole thing. So I ordered the book. Maybe Javier will read it, or at least see it. My husband Milton had been praying this specific prayer for a long time: "Lord, send an angel in the night to tell Javier about You." When Jennifer told us about them watching this program together, I said, "God answered Milton's prayer. The angel was Stephen Baldwin." Jennifer posted about Javier being receptive to the program because Stephen was a "man of the world" and experienced a transformation in his life.

Jennifer, always remember, you are NOT alone. Jesus said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Even when your feeler is broke and you can't feel God near, HE IS! Why? Because His Word says so, and His Word can't lie, and He can't lie.

Love, Mom