Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So do they think I'm crazy?

Last week I joined a fitness club to get in shape and I've enjoyed every minute of it. They have great childcare so my children have a wonderful time playing with other kids and I get to work out and focus on me. Working out is great for stress and very important. I've always worked out, I was a swimmer in high school and before having kids I competed in mountain biking. But with two little ones there has been much time for me.

Thankfully the Lord has blessed me and made a way for me to join this club and get the exercise I need. Last night I took a boot class camp and I giggled the whole time as I tried to figure out how to coordinate my body to the music. It was so much fun!

Another great thing about this club is they have a cafe so after I work out I can grab a bite and eat in peace while my two little ones are right down the hall.

I discovered a wonderful little thing about my ipod. I've had that thing for a couple of years and never use it much. So when I started to work out I pulled it out and I quickly discovered I can download radio broadcasts from Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. I also bought an audio book from Beth Moore called A Heart Like His and I can listen to all that while I'm sweating at the gym! Yea! My faith can grow right along with my muscles!!! ha!

I also discovered something called God's ipod and I download worship music. So during my down time at the cafe I listen to worship music and pray.

I wonder if they think I'm crazy.

There I am.

The new girl.

The one in the corner.

And I'm praying!

It only takes a second and I go from sitting in a cafe to worshiping at my Fathers throne!

I wonder if they would mind if I turn the unused racket ball court into a prayer room? I can envision myself walking around that court speaking in my heavenly language!

Today I'm taking a kick boxing class and after that I'm off to the cafe and this time with my HUGE HEAVY Bible for some good reading!

Ha! They are really going to think I'm crazy.

If only I could tell them .....'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'Matthew 4:4

If only they knew that spiritually they are starved to death without Him.


Kristy Dykes said...

Wonderful post, Jennifer! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow Jennifer, you almost make me want to go work out. lol :)
Every time I read your post (which is all the time sometimes over & over again), I get a chill & goose bumps. I know these are the Holy Goast shivers. You touch me.
Thank you for that.