Monday, October 09, 2006

The book The Unusual Suspect

My wonderful mother ordered me the book The Unusual Suspect by Stephen Baldwin and it just arrived today. I can't put it down it's so good.

Thankfully my 10 month old naps long and my 2 year loves The Little Mermaid so I've gotten through a good portion of the book.

For those who don't know Stephen Baldwin is a Hollywood actor who has become born again and wrote a book with a subtitle My Calling To The New Hardcore Movement of Faith.

So far the thing that's stood out the most to me in this book is the story of Stephen's wife. She got saved first and when he saw the change in her he got interested. He said she prayed for one solid hour every morning face down on the floor beside the bed and then read her Bible for 30-45 minutes in bed and then got up for the day. She did this again at night.

He said he had to step over her every morning when he got out of bed. After 10 months of her doing this he realized she must be experiencing something and he was missing out. The story continues but wow:

This women spent two hours a day face down on the floor in prayer.

........I think I need to start doing some more praying.

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