Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm back home!!!

I'm finally back home after a five week trip to Florida to visit my parents and sister. I had the best time and those five weeks flew by very fast. Each day was packed with activities, fun and lots of laughter with my sweet little nephews. The time with my parents was awesome, I drew close to them in a way I've always longed for. We had lots of long talks about the Bible and God's amazing love. I was way too busy catching up with my family to blog or email but I promise I haven't abandoned my blog or my faith!! Plus I didn't have internet access most days.

Coming back home after being away so long was strange, it usually takes me a few days to settle back in and get used to life again on the island. Mainly the heat and humidity. Honestly it didn't feel like coming back home and I miss my parents and sister so much. But I know I have a life here and now I'm on a major mission in my life, sharing God's love. So I was excited to get back home and get back to "work" loving on my husband.

Each day I'm amazed at the sweetness of God's love. It thrills me to find quiet moments and connect with Him. I've been so busy unpacking, cleaning and daily child care that it's been hard to just focus on Him.

What I've learned from this and what amazes me is that when I do reach out to Him, guess what???? He is right there!!!! I instantly connect back to Him!!!! I find something else very interesting, I notice that many times I'll feel too tired to reach out and I want to push away. Mainly because my mind is spinning from thoughts that come and go, plus training a two year old and then the constant care of a 6 month old wears me out. It never stops.

Anyway, I'm amazed that He never leaves! Even when I'm busy, He's not!! He's waiting for me. It thrills me and brings such pleasure to sort out my thoughts and train myself to throw out the junk and focus on Him. Instead of worrying, I pray now. What a waste of time worry is! I also notice how certain movies and TV shows just waste my time and thoughts, instead of thinking about some dumb movie I saw on Lifetime I could be focusing on Him. However this requires a lot of discipline and training because deceptively it sometimes seems easier to just mindless watch TV or a movie than to concentrate on Him. I love to say “The joy of the Lord is my strength!” Many times when I’m putting my babies to sleep and I’m so tired and don’t feel like praying, I remind myself of that and suddenly I find myself laughing and praying in tongues and I’m not tired anymore! Of course I do that quietly so not to wake them! Lol!


samuel said...

yay! i was worried, because its been a while...thought you might be sick or something might have happened to you...ok im relieved. =)

welcome back!!
(yay more blogging in the near future)


P.S. im glad your trip was so great...

Kristy Dykes said...

We miss you, Sweetie. Having you here was wonderful. Kiss those babies for me today. I'm looking forward to your blogging again.
Love, Mom