Saturday, June 24, 2006

La noche de San Juan cont'd......

I found out something interesting last night, the celebration of The Night of San Juan is actually in honor of John the Baptist! The running into the water and jumping in backwards is a recreation of baptism.

I never knew that and I don't think everyone does. It's mainly just a big party and the original reason seems to be lost but for me it was a celebration for my Creator!

I ran into the water with hundreds of people and watched as everyone threw themselves backwards over and over. It was awesome seeing so many people by the moonlight laughing and jumping in the water "baptizing" themselves, even if they didn't know the full meaning. I wanted to stand at the shore and shout the Good News! If only I could shout it out and people would hear, really hear.

Puerto Ricans are very passionate people, I love that about them. They have such big hearts and they have celebration in their souls. If only they would turn that celebration away from drinking and parting and turn it to their Savior, to their Creator!! Think of the joy that would bring the Lord! That's what we were created for! To worship Him and bring Him pleasure!

As I dunked myself repeatedly I came up praying in tongues and looking up to the sky in awe of my creator. I couldn't help but look around and allow my thoughts to wonder to another time and another place.

I can't wait until that moment when I'm in heaven surrounded by saints worshipping the Savior and Creator with abandon.

My heartfelt prayer; Thank you God for creating me!! To worship you is to feel you, to be with you, to be in your presence. You're all I need, you're all I want! I want to feel you, to experience you, to need you, to know you. I want to taste you, I want to hear you, I want you! I can't wait for the moment when the seams of this world are ripped away and you are revealed in all your glory! Thank you for creating me so I can serve and worship you. I can hardly get past that Lord, just the joy of being created so I can know and worship you. To be loved by you God is enough for me. I need nothing else!

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Kristy Dykes said...

Oh, man, Jennifer. This post blows me away. To read of your experience with all the other Puerto Ricans as they unwittingly baptized themselves in the beautiful Caribbean Ocean, is awesome.

Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

Love, Mom