Wednesday, June 28, 2006

God is at work!

For the past few months my prayer for my husband has been for God to soften his heart. Even if it's slow and the process seems to take long, that has been my prayer. A softening.

God is answering my prayer, I can see the Lord at work on his heart!

A perfect example; my mother bought my two year old a video from the Christian book store called Hermie the common caterpillar. It's a simple story based on Bible truth and the caterpillar talks to God.

I wondered how my husband would respond when he saw that video. In the past he's thrown away Christian CDs my mom bought for the children. So I've hidden some of their stuff.

Well this video I decided I was going to give to God and let Him do the work. I've played the video several times and waited for him to notice. Every time I put it in I'd start praying, praying in the Spirit. Praying for that softening.

Well it has happened, already there is a change, a softening. It may seem small to some but to me it's major. One night he sat down with my two year and watched the movie with her while she sat in his lap, he commented to me "this is religious." I replied back "oh really? My mom bought her that." He sat there calmly, making no comments and hasn't thrown the video away!

That is a direct answer to prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhhhh my God is good!

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