Friday, June 23, 2006

La noche de San Juan

Tonight is La noche de San Juan. Translated in English means the night of San Juan. It's a big party on the beach. People start gathering in the evening and make big bon fires, the only time they are legal. It's a fun party and has some history behind it.

At midnight everyone runs with abandon to the shore and jumps in the ocean backwards and dunks themself 12 times for good luck.

Our friends who just built a beautiful town house (the one I've blogged about before) are hosting a pool/beach party and my sister-in-law is keeping our kids. I've always had so much fun at this event but I'm curious to see what it will be like now that I'm following Christ.

Instead of running into the ocean for good luck I'm going to run into the ocean and jump into the water to symbolize a fresh baptism!! I'm so eager to please my heavenly Father and I look forward to bringing Him pleasure tonight by living a Godly life. I'm following after Him and I know He'll be by my side tonight even when I feel so different and so seperated from the world.

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