Saturday, July 15, 2006

So I saw a dead BODY.....

It was the other day at the beach. My sister was in town and we took the kids to the beach, as we drove up and parked we saw lots of police cars and people standing around. We were in a part of town where no one speaks English so I didn't even bother asking what was going on.

We parked and got out and made our way to the shore and there right before our eyes was a dead MAN. It was such a shock to see a dead person right there in the sand.

I don't know the full story but apparently this man drown and scuba divers pulled him in. Now in Puerto Rico things are done differently, instead of bagging him up and taking him off in an ambulance or putting a sheet over him they just left him there. Police tape marked off the area and police were guarding him but I guess they were waiting for the officials. Why they can't cover DEAD people up like in the States I just don't understand. But anyway that's how they do it here.

Usually a sight like this wouldn't disturb me, but now I see things totally different. I couldn't get the image of this man out of my head. I wanted to weep and grieve for him. It shocked me to think of the significance of what I saw. This man, DEAD on the beach either just met his Maker a second he was gone from this world. Water entered his lungs, he sunk to the ocean floor and in a second he was gone. GONE.

My heart grieved because more likely than not he didn't go to his MAKER. I know it's just ONE man, someone I didn't even know but it broke my heart to think that he might have passed without knowing his creators love. To think he might be separated FOREVER from the amazing love of God.

It stirred in my heart urgency. Those of us who know the TRUTH need to hurry. There are so many who need to know the truth, so many who need to be reached. I hope I never lose the urgency of sharing the Good News, time is so short!

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Kristy Dykes said...

Your deep compassion blessed my soul. Love, Mom