Monday, July 10, 2006

Another praise report!

This is an email I sent to my parents and my mom asked me share this on my blog so here it goes,

I can't believe the changes going on in my home! Last night Javier took us all to the mall with promises of buying Claudia a special princess balloon. He took us all to a candy shop and let Claudia pick out a huge balloon and special candy. Then we walked around and the balloon came undone from the top (the lady didn't tie the balloon tight enough.) Anyway you should have seen Claudia's face to see her balloon float to the ceiling at the mall. Can you believe Javier went into a store nearby and got a special long range hanger and got her balloon from the ceiling??? Then he tied it back on and we walked over to Macaroni Grill for dinner. We had the best time. He is being so loving and sweet to all of us, I feel like I'm floating on a cloud!

This story may seem so simple but this is what I've dreamed of, what I've wanted so much from him. I've never wanted expensive things, just simple things that show love and to see him being so sweet to our children and so loving to me is making my heart melt away!!!

Also during dinner at one point I made a comment "I wonder what my Grandpa is doing right now?" He commented back "oh, he's watching the Price is Right." I paused and then said "Javier!! My Grandpa died remember?" and he oh so casually responded "I know, I meant in heaven, he's watching Price is right." I nearly fell over! He said this with no sarcasm at all!!

These stories are small but they are miracles! For him to say that without venom is a miracle! God is changing his heart and God is using me! I'm showing him God's love. You see, God made me, a woman to being loving. It's what I was created to do, it's inside of me. I need to be shown love, I crave it. And God made Javier to need respect, that's how he sees love. When I show Javier respect, deep and true respect he responds by being loving! Wow! I guess women fear showing respect because they are afraid the husband will run all over them, they'll lose the ground they have. But it's just the opposite, the more respect you give, even when it's not deserved, the more love he'll show! Anyway just wanted to share that with you. To let you know your prayers are being answered!

I also have to comment that I can't believe how genius God's way is! It sounds kind of silly to say how genius He is, because of course He's genius. He made us, so of course He knows what we need. But I find it so amazing that God's plan leads to such blessings, such joy, such peace! If only everyone understood that!

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