Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It seems that God just won't let me forget what He's promised me.

Just recently I've seen maybe four or five rainbows. That's very unusual to me.

The other day I was feeling down and looked out my kitchen window. There before me was the biggest rainbow I've ever seen. Just beautiful! It was like God reaching down and gently reminding me what He promised from the very beginning of this cancer journey with my mom. He promised He would never leave me. No matter what happened, He would be there.

Some days I don't feel like praying. Some days I don't feel like doing anything. But even then He doesn't leave me.

I'm learning that God is even more amazing than I ever thought, and I had a pretty high opinion of Him before.

It's pretty amazing that when I'm at my lowest, He reaches down and just loves on me. At times I can feel myself being held by Him.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer: Tonight at church several called you and Javier's name out in prayer. God is calling you to Him. Follow Him where He leads.

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Jenny - so funny you mention rainbows. We see them ALL OF THE TIME now (since my father in law passed). The night he passed, I asked for a sign and there was a rainbow around a giant full moon. Yesterday was his would be birthday (and Ally's) and there was a lunar eclipse my MIL and me saw that was spectacular. She felt it was a sign too.

Anyway, I hope your mom is comforted by how many people love her and pray for her. God Bless.


Anonymous said...


Sometimes the life knock you to your knees,in that moment you are in the best position to pray.


Anonymous said...


Its Lisa, from NY. I wanted to say that I think about you and Julie and your family daily. You are always in my prayers, and thoughts.

Please know that your mom is an extraordinary woman, who with her story has helped more people in this world then you can imagine.

Please know that although you and I havent talked in a while, if you need an ear, you can ALWAYS call me: 646-919-2549.

Love and kisses,

Lisa Vella

Lisa Taylor said...

I've been reading your blog and praying for you and your entire family. I have had such a burden for you many, many times since this situation has come to your mom. I remember a time (since we've been in the ministry) that I was at a very low spot. I was making the bed one morning; no one was at home but me. I was crying and praying so very diligently! I truly felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit fill the room. Such a strong Presence! I knew then, that if I lost everything--yet had the Presence of God--I could and would make it. I cannot tell you how serious my situation was at the time. I felt so desperate. But God came, ministered to me, and held me. This was such a landmark in my Christian walk, and I've been saved for 39 years:) Keep allowing the Lord to build faith in your heart! I'm praying God will give you whatever you need to shine His light! I'm so proud of your family's response to a terribly difficult situation. I love you, and I'm truly intervening for your family!
Lisa (Bowman) Taylor
P.S. I was so glad you remembered me:) Someday I'll have to share my "miracle baby" testimony:) with you!

Anonymous said...

AS Lisa says Hold on to that deep faith you have he is molding you and making you a very strong woman of Faith... He loves you..He loves you!! YEs Jesus loves you, he will lead you beside the Still waters he will walk with you through those valleys he is so good Girl and I know he has got great things and plans for you and your family, My heart breaks for you Be STIll and know he is God, I will continue to pray for you, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!!! IT is so bright in your mom and he lives in you as you are walking this out, Press on and fight the good fight he has set before you. I just want to say I stand today upon the ROck that stands GOd's word is true and GOd is THe great Physican, Lord we ask you and we come to you with our requests that you HEAL Jennifer's mom in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!! WE thank you LOrd that our prayers are being answered and that your word does not return void..... THankyou Jesus thankyou ...Jane