Sunday, February 03, 2008

An atheist puts faith into action!

Guess what God has gone and done now?

You'll never guess!

Two weeks ago I requested offering envelopes from my church. Each person is assigned a number and they give you a box of envelopes with your number and predated for each Sunday.

I had it in my heart to give something to my church. I've never been able to give much over the years, just a $20 in the offering plate here or there. My atheist husband almost divorced me over attending church, no way would he allow me to give money to church. Instead I've given my time, helping with the Ladies Bible study. Teaching Sunday school.

But God put a desire in my heart to give some money. I took that thick box of envelopes and looked down at it and said to myself "what am I going to do with these? I have no money to give." Instead I gave my desire to God. I prayed: "God, You see my heart but know I have nothing. So You are going to have to work a miracle and give me some money so I can give. And not only that but You're going to have to get my husband to give me his blessing, because I won't give behind his back."

I left it at that and didn't worry. I put all the pressure on God, knowing there was no way I could do all that. Only Him.

A week later my husband, a stock broker mentioned he made a little bit of money in a trade and I replied "well that doesn't surprise me, because I prayed God would give us some money." I almost mentioned to him "just wait and see what God is going to do next!" But I don't claim to have profetic words so I kept it to myself.

Thursday morning my husband walked into the kitchen grinning ear to ear and said "Your prayers are working! I've just made a decent amount of money on one single trade." Anyone see the financial news of Yahoo being bought by Microsoft? ; )

He danced around the kitchen and I replied "Ok, now I'm gonna tell you." I pulled out my box of envelopes and told him the whole story of how I wanted to give some money to my church but didn't have any. So I prayed God would give me money to give. My prayer had been answered and less than two weeks later at that! God works fast!

I explained to my husband that God loves him very much and wants to bless him beyond what he can even dream of. This was just the start! I explained how when God gives us money like this, especially a direct answer to a prayer, we have to KEEP OUR HAND OPEN. Give it back to God and the flow will keep going. If we take the money and close our fist, the flow is stopped. (I learned that from a dear family in my parents church, the Santiago's.)

I told my husband I wanted him to decide on the amount to give back to God. But I told him "remember what you give will effect what you get back!" Trust God and let Him show you how He loves you!

This morning my husband wrote out a check. I won't say the amount. That actually doesn't matter, but it was more than I thought he'd give.

I put the check in my envelope dated February 3rd and told my husband "You have just put faith into action!" You have trusted God and now wait and see what He will do with that faith!

I can't tell you the JOY I felt at being able to give back to God what He gave me through a miracle! There are no words to describe that feeling! It was almost 3 years ago my husband said he would leave me if I continued attending church and now my husband wrote out a check and gave money to God! WHAT A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to walk in Wisdom, Jennifer.
When we pray and get out of the way, it is amazing what God can do with our unsaved love ones. I go to your Uncle Ronnie's church and have followed your blog for a couple of months now. You are an inspiring Sister.
Coni Andress

SweetAnnee said...

God is moving your husband's heart!!
Prayers being said for you and
your famly!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes off for us. Do the impossible and we will offer up continually praise and thanksgiving.

christine said...

Oh Jennifer! How amazing it must have been for you to see that! I am so happy for you, I will pray that these steps continue. Oh Wow!! God is AWESOME!!I needed to be reminded of that this morning and you have just told me how to do something. I have really been wanting to make a missions pledge and give to each of our pastors this year. Now I know how to better pray about it. Thank you for sharing all that God is doing in your life.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, my prayer is that God will capture his whole heart, that your husband's eyes will be opened to Jesus's ultimate gift. This was certainly a step forward, and I rejoice with you!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer....praying that God will do abudantly more than we even ask or think on your husband's obeidience and prove Himself faithful to him and honor your faith to God and comittment to your spouse. Blessings!

Shana said...

i am touched by your blog. in the last few months i've become friends with a dear man...and we've both become quite fond of each other. but he is not a believer. we're talking about things, but i'm trying my darndest to keep distance between us for the sake of both of our hearts. i really do not know what God wants to do with me in this situation. i am hoping that ultimately He is using me for my friends eventual salvation.....even if that means going our separate ways. i pray that your husband will just be overwhelmed by Jesus through you and any other Christians He puts in his life. and i pray for grace and mercy on your dear heart as you go through this. and i thank you for blogging. much love from a growing sister in Seattle - :)

Granddaddy Dykes said...

Hi Jennifer, Granddaddy here. I am so very proud of you..........God is giving you "Holy Ghost" smarts. Way to go Girl! God is up to something good.

I really enjoyed reading your blog.

Love youl,


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, someone is telling you how you should be with a Christian man? Had a friend who had this same thing happen to him. Christian "friends" got in his dingy wifes ear and told her what a sinner her husband was. She ran to this twisted thinking. It's called a mid-life crisis. If you have problem with your husband I hope for your kids sake that you can work it out, but stop believing in unproven 1st century mysticism as a justification to wander whether you realize it or not.

Alexzillasmama said...

Hi Jennifer,
That is wonderful...that your husband's heart might be softening toward God.

As for the previous comment, it seems that person is just looking for a reason NOT to believe. Why else would they come to a blog that was so obviously connected to Christ? Even the name of your blog references Jesus, Jennifer. I pray that you will remain strong in your JOY and that whomever Anonomous is, he or she will walk away from your blog with the feeling that something is missing from their life.

Love, Hugs and Prayers from Georgia
Stephanie Adams

Anonymous said...

Does Javier know about this blog? Your husband has the right to know what is happening behing his back. If you don't tell him, someone else will. You need help, and he needs to know that his fruitcake wife might do something stupid behind his back. Or even hurt the children because voices in her head told her to do so.

Anonymous said...

Father bless this anonymous writer. They are in need of your sweet grace. Cover them with your presence, to keep Satan from talking through them.
We thank you in Jesus' mighty name.

Jennifer said...

Adam, I have no christian male friend in my life. I attend church with elderly people and attend a Ladies only Bible study. All male friends I have are shared by husband also in joint situations. I PERSONALLY believe my husband should be the only male I am close to. I love my husband dearly and don't see him as some sinner I need to get away from. In fact the Holy Spirit helps join us together! Never would God desire to see us split! The Holy Spirit comes in unquie ways to see we are one! It's awesome how God works!

Rachel Hauck said...

What a GREAT testimony! I'm teary-eyed.

Praying for your mom, Jennifer.


carolmarie said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I am looking for encouragement, since I am a Christian woman married to an atheist. I didn't know he was an atheist until a couple of years after we were married. We've been married 20 years.

He made disparaging remarks a few days ago about my devotional reading. Then he wondered why I wasn't in a good mood. I said nothing in defense of my reading material. It's obvious that it's important to me.