Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sisters in Christ

I mentioned in my last post how I'm leading the Tuesday morning Bible study at my church. Thank God for that group of women, how special it is to come together, all of us so different yet united by Christ.

We are all from different upbringings. One wise older lady is Catholic. One beautiful young woman is from a Pentecostal holiness upbringing. And still others are from different denominations etc. Yet as I sit around the table with these women I FEEL the Holy Spirit present, we are all connected by our strong love for Christ and the desire to follow our Savior. It doesn't matter what church someone has attended or hasn't attended.

We are all different ages, some young mothers. Others, elderly women. And I love this. I love the wisdom and confidence I see in an elderly person's eyes. What a special treasure an older person can be to a church body or group.

My grandmother Grace was one of those special treasures. Wow was she special. I feel her loss all over again now that I'm on this wonderful journey with Him. I long to talk with her about Jesus. She had an amazing relationship with Him and one of the first things I want to do when I get to heaven is find her and say: "Grandma isn't He amazing????!!! Isn't He grand!!!!" I long to look into her eyes and see them shine with the light from Him. Wow she was special. My only consolation is that my dear Mother is just like her!!


Anonymous said...

jennifer, i love that about your grandma. i know she prayed a lot for you and your family. i keep praying for you and your husband. God is working on him in ways you might never see. keep your eyes and focus on Jesus. He will work things out for His glory. God bless you. sheila in tampa

jeri said...

Jennifer, Not only is your mama like your Grandma, (my Aunt Grace) but she is also like our wonderful Nana!!!!!!!!! Such personality and the same solid relationship with Jesus. Keep it up girl......You are blessing many people just as your mama does. Nana and Aunt Grace were that way in that they never went anywhere without asking someone if they knew Jesus.

Love, Cousin Jeri