Monday, September 25, 2006

Resisting the light

Tomorrow it's my turn to lead the Tuesday morning Bible study I attend. I'm taking turns leading with another lady and we pass the leader book back and forth.

In my book is a wonderful side note by William A. Barry. He wrote "Conversion is a lifelong process of letting God remove the scales from our eyes so that we can more and more embrace the reality of God's overwhelming love for us. In this lifelong process of withdrawal and returns we need one another to help us overcome our resistance to the light."

I'm very interested in this last part "overcome our resistance to the light."

I've often wondered if I'm the only one who feels that? It feels glorious to step into the light, to bathe in it. To worship with the Father.

How strange I find that although I love the light and it is so wonderful, I find it such a struggle to step into it at times. It is deep inside of me to resist it, at least at first.

It can't be I'm the only one that feels that! In a way I'm glad of this struggle, because it reminds me how it's by God's GRACE through Jesus that I'm saved.

The struggle pushes me into the arms of my Savior It reminds me how much I need my Savior, Jesus. How He's right there beside me, always helping me and bridging the gap between me and God. And that's a pretty big gap I've noticed btw!

I don't know if others feel this way, but I know for me I can't let myself get too far away from Jesus. It seems like a little secret I've discovered and it works so I'm not going to let it go. As long as I stick with Jesus I'm doing good.


Kristy Dykes said...

The Apostle Paul said we were like soldiers in a battle, constantly warring against evil.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, this is Annette and your Mom is helping me make a comment.