Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She came to me!

My mom came to me! In my dreams that is!

I remember after my grandma died, my mom told me she'd pray God would give her dreams of her mother. And He did. She had many wonderful dreams of my grandma.

I've been praying the same thing, asking God to give me sweet dreams of my mom.

Last night my prayer was answered!

I dreamed I was at my aunt Becky's house and all the family was there. I was down stairs and looked up to see my mom coming down the stairs toward me. We embraced tightly in a long hug. The embrace felt so real, it was so sweet, so warm, so deep...

She pulled back from me and said, "let me see my ring." She took my right hand and held it in hers looking at her wedding ring that I now constantly wear.

I asked her "mom, are you sad that you no longer wear this ring? That you're no longer with us?"

With tears of joy streaming down her face she responded, "no, I'm so proud of you and feel blessed you now wear my ring and carry on."

In my dream I told her, "well mom, one day I'm going to put down your ring and join you in heaven." She was nodding her head saying, "when you put the ring down is when we'll see each other again."

I woke up with tears on my cheeks and my pillow damp.

Immediately I praised my Lord for this wonderful dream! What a loving, caring heavenly Father I have! He is worthy of all praise and glory.

I believe this dream is an answer to prayer.

Yesterday was a very tough day for me. Darkness clouded my heart, a shadow swept over my mind and loneliness crept in, cold and ugly.

I picked up the sword of Truth and quoted Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

I fixed my mind on what is true- I'm a child of the most High King, on what is lovely-one day I'll be walking in heaven with my loved ones, and on what is excellent and praiseworthy-my God is a great God and worthy of all praise and honor.

Light pierced my dark mood and peace and joy took it's place.


Shana said...

amen - God is faithful and good

Ane Mulligan said...

What a special blessing, Jennifer! God is indeed good and answers our prayers exactly as we need.

Anonymous said...

What a special dream! We are still praying for you and praising God for the strength he is giving you!


Anonymous said...

Our father knows just what we need and sends us those very special comfort measures when we need them most. What a strong woman of faith you are becoming. You are carrying on your mother's legacy of faith and godliness.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Isn't the Lord wonderful to give us those sweet dreams? I love it when I dream of my mother. She went to heaven almost 30 years ago and it is so comforting to see her in my dreams. I know she is so much better off than me, but I still miss her so. You had a special mother and isn't it such a blessing to know she's with our Lord.

Milton Dykes said...

Jennifer, I am proud you wear the ring I gave your mom too. You will honor our love well.

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, my mom passed away on June 12th and was laid to rest 0n July 5th. it has been a very difficult season in our lives but I am so gratefull to God for blessing me with the opportunity to follow your parent's Love Stories. Jennifer we both can find comfort in knowing that although our mothers are now absent from this earth, they are now present with the Lord.

Anonymous said...

How sweet was your dream of your Mom, Kristy! Just beautiful!
How Sweet and so Pure!

I thanked God for piercing through your darkness and dark mood and bringing you peace and joy. O how faithful is our God!

Keep reading your "Pocket Bible"..
that really blessed me..
Thank you Lord... that Kristy Came to Jennifer in a dream!

A loving friend..who cares..and prays for you all.
Columbia, SC

Anonymous said...

I have also experienced wonderful, and very healing, dreams of my parents. God knows what we need!



Barbara J. Robinson said...


You have that special gift and touch your mom had. Reading through your posts make me cry. Tears of Joy! You will be a courageous innspiration as your mother was. Carry on!

Love, blessings, and prayers,