Tuesday, January 08, 2008

He's watching out for me

I'm back home after being in Jacksonville with my mom for almost 2 months. Most know she has stage 4 brain cancer and given six months or so to live.

Yesterday I had a really down day. Fear and depression overcame me and I felt utterly defeated. All I could see ahead was darkness and sadness. I felt like giving up the fight. Then my phone rang. It was Brenda, a sister in Christ from my church calling to check up on me. The call was short and sweet, although church and bible study wasn't mentioned it was just the reminder I needed to get me to Bible study the next day (today.) I almost didn't go but that call was the push I needed.

Driving there I decided to pray. My prayer was simple it was something like this "Dear Jesus, I can't help I how feel or some of the negative thoughts running through my mind, but I can control my actions and how I react to them. I choose to attend Bible study today and I'm going to your house to receive strength and comfort. Please help me when I weak. Be strong for me."

When I sat down for Bible study guess what the topic was on? Divine Healing! The pastor's wife, leading the study, finished up an audio tape lesson they had been studying while I was gone. The last part just happened to touch on Divine Healing. She shared scripture and personal experiences of how God can heal. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I sat there in awe as God reached down and touched my heart through scripture and the pastor's wife's words.

She had no idea I would be attending today and in fact after the study told me they were supposed to finish up that last part weeks ago but got distracted and she even questioned why that last little part got delayed. But now it all made sense, that part was for me and God had been working on that for weeks!

During the study, the lady who called me said yesterday she had an unusual intercession of prayer after she hung up with me. She didn't know who she was praying for but when she finished praying at 4:17pm she knew beyond a doubt that her prayer was heard and something had changed.

I know that prayer was for me! That prayer helped bring it all together! Brenda said yesterday she asked the Lord what he wanted her to do that day and the Lord told her to call me.

Wow, once again I'm blown away by the awesomeness of my God.


Dad said...

Jennifer: It is thrilling beyond words what I see God doing in your life. Your passion, insight, and childlike faith are all exciting. Keep going for God. There is so much more for you and your family.


Granddaddy said...

Hi Jennifer,

It was so great to see you and your family while you were in FL.

Your blogs are so very inspiring............I love them. You have great potential for God. Go with Him.

Love you Sweetie,

Granddaddy Dykes