Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The name Jesus

Even the name Jesus brings such peace. Sometimes when I don't know what or how to pray I just pray His name. There is something about saying His name that causes a change in me and yesterday I saw the same thing at work with my children.

We were driving in the car and Lorenzo, my 2 year, was screaming. He's been having a hard time adjusting to all that's going on. He's also going through the terrible two's. He's been having screaming fits where nothing helps, and I've tried it all so it seems. It suddenly came to me to just pray for him. So I told Claudia my 3 year old, "Claudia, let's pray for Lorenzo."

So I prayed "Dear Jesus, help Lorenzo!" As soon as I said the name Jesus he instantly calmed down. I continued to pray asking Jesus to help Him. To my surprise Claudia started praying too! And not just coping what I was saying, she had her own unique prayer. Her prayer was "Jesus touch Lorenzo's heart." And "God help Lorenzo with your son."

Instantly I felt the peace of Jesus and I KNOW those children did too. There really is "just something about the name of Jesus." Hey isn't that an old song?


Tracy Ruckman said...

When my kids reached their teens (and trust me - the terrible twos are a cakewalk compared to the teens!) I would call out Jesus' name when they got upset, or overreacted. It ALWAYS calmed them down. So much so that even now, if I hear loud voices or conflict, that's my first reaction - just whisper Jesus' precious name.

And yes, that's a wonderful song.

Keeping all of you in our prayers. May God send Kristy a miracle, this side of Heaven!

Jennifer said...

Tracy, You mean it gets harder? Oh no! I keep thinking it gets easier!