Thursday, December 13, 2007

God and GBM

GBM stands for Glioblastoma Mulitiforme. Grade four brain cancer. Terminal. No cure and no way out. Has anyone survived? When asked the doctor replied, "What do you mean by survival?" One doctor looked in my eyes and said "When GBM is small, contained and completely removed the patient could live many more years.

My mother's GBM is large, not contained and spread throughout. When my Dad and I sat the doctors office and heard once again how brutal GBM is, we caught each other eyes and unspoken the look was "Oh God!"

The more I've thought about GBM and studied it, the more it has seemed that in the natural GBM is bigger than God. If it were any other cancer, any other type I could see...but GBM?

I've struggled in my heart about what God is up too, what His will is in all this but I've decided I'm not going to worry about that anymore. He can have His plan, His will and I'm going to have His HOPE.

The fact is God IS bigger than GBM!!! And GBM IS UNDER SUBMISSION TO OUR GOD!!! That tumor has to submit to God! I call it out by name and with the healing power of the name of Jesus command it to submit and in the same breath I cry out to my merciful God for a miracle. Kristy Dykes still has work for the kingdom and a life of purpose left and I ask for mercy and more time God!

With that I'm not going to worry anymore about the question "Can He, Will He?" I'm going forward with eternal hope. I'm convinced without hope there isn't life. I heard Him speak that into my heart, without hope there isn't life.


haircone said...

Jennifer, I have been following your Mom's blog for several weeks now and your blog for a couple of weeks. The words that keep coming to me are courage and love.
The love of your family is very inspiring and your courage touches my heart. I wish I had great words of wisdom to share with you. I don't. Just want you to know that I am standing in HOPE with your family. Praying for a miracle for Kristy Dykes' healing.
Coni Andress

Sylvia said...


I have enjoyed meeting you and helping to care for your youngest 'baby', Lorenzo. I am sorry I missed you this morning when I came to work. Please call me if there is anything I can do to help you. Now that Lorenzo is familiar with me and likes being around me, let me know if you need help caring for him and your other sweet one. My prayers are for you mom's complete recovery so she can enjoy those grandbabies again and watch them grow up to be mighty men of God! Also, for your husband! Our God can do anything!Here are my numbers: 904-646-4450 and 252-7692. God bless you!

Blessings and prayers,

Sylvia Thomas*

Jennifer said...

Sylvia, What a blessing from God you are! I don't believe for a minute you were in Lorenzo's classroom by accident or coiendence! We are calling you our angel! Right before leaving to drop off the kids that morning, I cried out to God for help with them and when you walked in that room, you were my angel of mercy and help I prayed for. My mother was also thrilled to hear you were there and she threw her arms up and praised God for you! You were a direct answer to pray. Thank you so much. May God richly bless you and I'll never forget you. Thanks for your numbers, I'm here another two weeks or so and if needed I'll give you call. Love, Jennifer

Jennifer said...

Dear Coni, Thanks so much for your prayers and commenting on my blog. What an encouragment those two words are, courage and love. God bless you!

Alexzillasmama said...

Hi Jennifer,
I don't know if you remember me or not. We "met" on the Mommy Zone board this summer in the faith section. In fact, we traded a few emails b/c I grew up with an agnostic/atheist father. Anyway, I haven't been on that site in ages or your blog, but I had a sudden urge to search out your blog earlier this week. I was blown away when I read about your mom. I will be praying for you and your family throughout her treatment. After reading your mom's blog, I feel like I have known her forever even though I have never met her. She must really be a special person!

Feel free to email me if you need
Love, Hugs, and Prayers to you!
Stephanie A.

Jennifer said...

Hi Stephanie! Yes I remember you! I haven't been on mommy zone in what feels like forever either. Thank you so much for your prayers and comments, they are very touching. God bless you and keep you. Hopefully I see you around mommyzone soon. I plan to get back online more in January.