Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Celebrating Christmas with an atheist

I can tell this Christmas is going to be VERY special for me this year. I'm so excited to celebrate the birth of my risen Savior! How sweet and wonderful He is. I get teary eyed just thinking of Him as a sweet innocent little babe.

I can now understand why they came to adore Him as a babe. Just think of it, a babe is so innocent, so trusting and so vulnerable. How awesome to think of that babe as our Savior. Oh it's so sweet I could cry.

I can't wait for Christmas so I can sing to Him and tell Him how much I love Him. How special He is to me. How much I adore and treasure Him. He is the lover of my soul, my joy and my delight! I want to honor Him.

Now switch your mind to celebrating Christmas with an atheist. How flat is that? How empty, how meaningless. How sad.

I wish with all my heart my husband could understand the true joy in Christmas. I used to think that Christmas was about family and in many ways it still is. I'll be visiting with my family for Christmas and I'm so looking forward to that. BUT Christmas is different this year. It's more than just family, way more!!! There is a joy in my heart that wants to sing out!!!!!!

Christmas has such meaning!!! The Savior is born!!! He is our hope, our joy, our peace!!! He is our way!

There aren't enough words to describe it, it's so awesome!!!!!

My heartfelt prayer; Oh Lord, how wonderful you are!!! Happy Birthday!! Thank you for You!!! I give thanks for your birth! You are awesome, you are amazing and thrilling! I don't need a man in a red suit, I just need you! How empty is Christmas without you! I only want to think of you and worship and adore You. You my Lord are all I need and You are enough for me! I love you!!

My next post will be titled "Exactly how does an atheist celebrate Christmas?" I'll be sharing how my husband gets around the Christ in Christmas.


Kristy Dykes said...

Great post, Jennifer! Now you've whetted my appetite to read your next one, with that interesting title!

Love, Mom

Kristy Dykes said...

I'm waiting for that post! GRIN
Love, Mom

Folks, you wouldn't believe how busy Jennifer is with her two active little ones. It astounds me. She's such a good and wise mother and wife. Those duties take up all her time--she's devoted.

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